The Changing Face of Aging in Southern Colorado

The aging landscape is changing at a rapid rate with the baby boomer population nearly fully aged into senior status. Colorado is now a state on the forefront of innovating services and options for retirement and Pueblo Area Agency on Aging is working with the State Unit on Aging and the Strategic Action Planning Group on Aging to address concerns and innovative approaches for Southern Colorado. Along with 16 other Area Agencies on Aging; Pueblo


Did you know that 1 in 3 people aged 65+ falls every year? Or that chronic diseases like diabetes, arthritis, heart disease, and lung disease can force older adults to give up their independence too soon? The good news is that there are free classes available to help older adults reduce their risk of falling and help people with chronic diseases learn to manage their symptoms for better quality of life. A Matter of Balance

Parenting the Second Time Around

My friend Mary and her new husband were on their honeymoon when social services called to tell her that her infant granddaughter needed immediate placement, unless “grandma was willing to step up, the child would be placed in foster care”. That was 10 years ago, they are all doing well, but life changed overnight for this newly married couple who thought they would retire in a few years. Life is what happens when you are