Can You Benefit From A Geriatric Care Manager?

Aging presents a new set of challenges for many as they experience physical and cognitive changes. There are a myriad of options available to meet ones changing needs; however, trying to navigate and make the best decisions can be an overwhelming task. This, coupled with the fact that time and resources may be limited, can make a challenging situation even worse. Although some older adults have family nearby, many do not. It’s not uncommon for

Don’t get caught paying too much for Dental Care

A group of local dentists have organized themselves to offer seniors an affordable alternative to dental insurance. Traditional dental insurance is one method for individuals to pay for dental care. However, seniors are at a disadvantage when losing access to dental insurance that an employer may have previously provided.  Data now shows that only 50% of the population has dental insurance.  Patients feel that dental insurance is limited and costly and are looking for alternatives. 

Answering the Call: Local Program Helps Family Caregivers Prepare for Senior Emergencies

It’s the midnight call that can strike terror in the hearts of so many local family caregivers. “Mom has suffered a stroke,” or “Dad accidentally overdosed on his medications.” Resources are available for those adult children who live in fear of getting “the call” that tells them their senior loved one is in trouble. Research conducted for the Home Instead Senior Care® network has revealed that many grown children don’t know all they should about

Your Role in Your Own Health Care

How many times have you been to the doctor this past year? Did you see your primary care physician for your regular check-up? Perhaps your cardiologist? Your dentist? For most people, health care is extremely fragmented. This means that the information discussed or obtained from each of these visits is not shared with any other provider. This can result in duplicate tests being performed and perhaps delayed diagnosis or treatment. Even for the very healthy,