Medicare vs Advantage Medicare: What’s the Advantage to you?

Annually, from October 15 – December 7, Medicare holds what is known as “Open Enrollment”. During Open Enrollment, you are able to switch from Traditional Medicare to an Advantage Medicare Plan, from one Advantage Medicare Plan to another, as well as make changes to your Medicare Part D plan which is your Prescription Plan.  As a Medical Social Worker and Care Transitions Manager, I have received many questions on what are the differences between Traditional

What do smaller assisted living facilities have to offer over the larger, more corporate-type assisted living facilities?

When older adults consider variations in assisted living facilities within Texas, it is important to be aware of the facility differences. The most important differentiating factor deals with the number of residents the facility is licensed to care for. A smaller assisted living facility will care for residents ranging between 3-16 in occupancy. While a larger assisted living can have dozens if not hundreds of residents within their care. A sought after alternative to commercial

Benefits For Veterans And Family Members

Have you or someone you love ever serve in the United States military?  Are you the spouse widow, or widower of a former service member?  If you’ve answered yes to either of these questions you may be eligible for benefits through the Department of Veterans Affairs. There are several programs through the VA that many veterans and family members are unaware of or have received incorrect information about.  This brief article will provide a clear

Benefits Checkup – Knowing What’s Available Can Improve a Life

What is a benefit checkup?  It’s a no cost way to find out what assistance programs you may be eligible for. At the new AdvantAge Health Resource Centers, an experienced case manager can perform a benefits checkup to match you with assistance programs.  There, you may find out you are qualified for assistance through state or federal programs that can save you money on medications, health care, housing and other services. Assistance is often is

Aging Veterans Still Unaware of VA Pension Benefits After Over 60 Years

For aging veterans, one of the most important benefit programs is the Aid and Attendance Program (A&A) available through the Veterans Administration. An earned pension benefit, it was established in 1951 to assist qualified veterans, and/or their surviving spouse. A&A provides pension benefits that enable veterans to live independently while receiving medical and non-medical care both in the home and in qualified facilities. The program remains generally unknown to most people. Types of Care Eligible

MedModern: Healthcare for Medicare Advantage Patients

MEDMODERN is a Family Medicine clinic specializing in the care of Medicare Advantage patients. Dr. Coleman Pratt is Board Certified in both Family Medicine and Integrative and Holistic Medicine and has focused many years of his career on the care of older patients. MEDMODERN limits enrollment size in order to offer concierge medical services, including house calls, at no additional cost to qualifying patients.  Nobody should feel rushed when they visit their doctor. Dr. Pratt