How to Keep Your Spine Healthy

It is not uncommon to experience increased aches, pains and joint stiffness as we age. hen it comes to the spine, some decline in function and flexibility may be expected. Here’s what you should know about what happens to your spine as you age, and ways to help prevent back pain and injuries. Common spinal conditions in older adults may manifest themselves in symptoms such as early morning back pain, leg pain when standing and walking, loss of

Fragility Fractures: What Do I Need to Know?

BACK PAIN, most people do not automatically think of a fracture when they first experience back pain. A Fragility Fracture is any fall from a standing height or less, that results in a fracture. Our bodies, when in good health, should be able to withstand a fall from this height without a fracture. The most common areas involved include the spine, hip, and the wrist. What causes fragility fractures? Osteoporosis is the number one cause of a fragility fracture.

Advancements in Neck Surgery

Neck pain and associated arm pain secondary to pinched nerves in the cervical spine are common complaints many patients will experience. Fortunately, numerous conservative and non-operative options exist for these ailments: anti-inflammatory medications, physical therapy, chiropractic care, and spinal epidural injections. If these options fail to provide adequate relief or if symptoms progress, surgery can be considered. Traditionally, cervical surgery involves two major steps: (1) removing the offending disc that is pinching the nerve and