4/18/2018 – The Colorado Assisted Living Industry enters a new era of operation with a new set of rules and regulations!

The Colorado Assisted Living Industry entered a new era of operation with a new set of rules and regulations. On  4/18/2018  the CDPHE Board of Health approved a new rewrite of the rules and regulations governing the operation of assisted living residences in Colorado. The Board unanimously approved the new rules and regulations. This was a culmination of 24 months of work between CDPHE, the Assisted Living Stakeholders working group, and private owners and operators of

Helping Our Senior Community Stay Safe

If the unexpected happens, you need the best care as quickly as possible. Good Samaritan Medical Center (GSMC) provides community members with convenient access to resources and specialized care without having to transfer to another facility. The leading cause of trauma at GSMC and in Boulder County is older adult falls. In 2016, the hospital saw over 300 patients admitted due to a fall, with approximately 65 percent of these patients aged 65 years and

Six Signs It’s Time for More Help

One of the most difficult decisions adult children can face is discerning when to step in and support their aging parents with their basic daily living tasks. The decision to help an aging parent is complex, both emotionally and practically. Admitting the need for help and accepting assistance is not easy for older adults. Although every situation is different, here are six signs to consider when discerning if your aging parents need more assistance to

Advantages to Utilizing a Revocable Trust in Your Estate Plan

A critical piece in one’s estate plan is the disposition of assets upon death. This can be done through a last will and testament or a revocable trust, which is referred to as a “will substitute.”  When a revocable trust is utilized, it is the governing instrument as to where assets go, and it does have some advantages over a will. A revocable trust provides more privacy than a will.  When someone dies, his or

Don’t Sell the House – Let Property Managers Take Care of Your Golden Goose!

Many seniors and their families face two tough questions when planning a move to a senior community: 1)      How to plan for the costs when the length of stay is uncertain? and 2)      What to do with the house that is being left behind? For many seniors, maintaining ownership of the house as a rental property can be the smartest and safest way to ensure a long-term income stream to help cover retirement costs for