The Alzheimer’s Association’s 2018 Facts & Figures Report Reveals Increases in Alzheimer’s Prevalence and Costs of Care

With each passing year, new data continues to prove that Alzheimer’s disease is a growing epidemic. Significant increases in costs and incidence, including care costs for individuals living with Alzheimer’s or other dementia’s surpassing a quarter of a trillion dollars have been reported in the Alzheimer’s Association 2018 Alzheimer’s Disease Facts and Figures report. However, this year’s report goes beyond the statistics with a special report on the financial and personal benefits of early diagnosis,

The Cost of Long Term Care in Idaho

Forbes magazine said recently that care for those with Alzheimer’s disease and related dementias could “break Medicare”.  During 2017 alone, the cost of caring for those with Alzheimer’s and dementia in the United States will be about $259 billion.  In Idaho, the monthly cost of nursing home care averages $7,290 and assisted living averages $3,240.  Because of the staggering cost, figuring out how to pay for long term care is an incredibly important part of

Can death be affordable? What some funeral homes don’t want you to know

The median U.S. funeral costs $8,508, not including cemetery costs – a 28.6 percent increase over the previous decade. This is just one of the reasons people are considering direct cremation which can be purchased for less than $800. The good news is even for those opting for traditional burial, there are ways to reduce the total cost.  Alternatives to full-service, traditional funeral home. Today, there are full-service funeral homes specializing in affordable services. Typically,

4 Keys to Assisted Living

Senior living and care decisions are some of the hardest in life – especially those involving Assisted Living or Memory Care. Safety, quality of life, and dignity are all affected and costs average $3,700/mo. A professional called a senior placement agent works in person with families to find peace of mind by addressing 4 vital areas: 1 Options Greater DFW has over 500 options just for assisted living – and more every month. Try finding