Healthy Life Center

The Healthy Life Center at Coconut Point offers a variety of services and education that support healthy lifestyles, early detection of disease, and chronic disease management. Examples of events and offerings include: Screenings, including cardiovascular, memory, balance, asthma, fitness and more Classes and workshops Seminars on nutrition, wellness, integrative medicine, sleep, healthy hearts and healthy joints Cooking demonstrations Wellness library Holistic health choices for daily living, and much more The Healthy Life Center staff can

When We Should Stop Using the Word “Still”

“My uncle is 83 and still drives.” “My grandma is 90 and still goes out dancing.” “My step-father is approaching 74 and still runs a mile each day.” Do you see anything wrong with the language above? It’s the word “still.” For many of us, using “still” this way in a sentence is automatic. We don’t even think about it. It’s like when you pass someone you know on the street and robotically say “Hi,

Healthy Living Workshops: Empowerment through Education

Do you want to feel better, meet new people, and be empowered to change old health habits? Are you living with a persistent health condition that prevents you from doing activities you enjoy? Have you learned helpful techniques as a family caregiver, which you would like to share with others? Then consider joining a Healthy Living workshop! Healthy Living workshops are designed to help you manage a chronic health issue like diabetes, heart disease or

Improving Your Health Conditions

Nobody wants to acquire an ongoing or chronic health condition that interfere with their normal activities and requires multiple medications and doctor visits. As we age, however, this happens to many of us. So what can we do to preserve our health and independence as long as possible? And how can we help our family members and loved ones to do the same? One part of the answer, of course, is to live a healthy

New Utah Charity to Educate Seniors and to Fund Programs

Senior Contributions began taking on the challenge to educate Utah seniors and gather donations to help fund senior programs in the state in 2016. “Through the past few years, many professionals with a focus on serving seniors have become more aware of the shortfalls in two critical areas,” said Senior Contributions Assistant Media and Public Relations Director Susan Tolman. “These areas were education of seniors and a lack of funding in senior related programs.” Senior

Parkinson’s Disease – Support for You

A diagnosis of Parkinson’s is a life-changing moment. However, with advances in treatment and the right support there is much an individual with Parkinson’s disease can do to live every day to the fullest. The American Parkinson Disease Association (APDA) is the country’s largest grassroots organization serving those touched by Parkinson’s disease. What makes APDA unique is that we are in cities, towns, and communities across the U.S. Throughout our nationwide network of Chapters and