Adult Protective Services

Adult Protective Services (APS) receives reports of abuse, neglect, and exploitation of at-risk adults, conducts an investigation into the allegations, and implements services to reduce and prevent further mistreatment. ​ Colorado operates as a stated supervised, county administered system​. County APS programs provide for the safety and protection of at-risk adults who are or are suspected to be, victims of mistreatment. At-risk adults are defined as persons age 18 or older who are susceptible to

“If It Sounds Too Good To Be True; It Probably Is!

Elder Abuse – Would You Recognize It If You Saw It? Helen is 83 years young and is proud to still be living on her own; so far she manages pretty well with most things except driving. She gave that up for fear of having an accident that would hurt someone else. Helen’s granddaughter Jesse lives a few blocks away and offered to take her places when she needed to go, it seemed like a

A Lesson Learned By An Ombudsman

One of my first complaint investigation as a Long Term Care Ombudsman came from a man who stated he was being denied dessert by staff at meal times. When I asked the facility about this they responded that he is diabetic and should not have sweets by order of a physician and request of the family. The complainant pointed out he was a veteran and stated very clearly that he had earned the right to