Where Should You Go For Emergency Care?

There was a time when the local hospital emergency room was a person’s only choice for an illness or injury that wouldn’t wait for normal business hours. Today, it’s one of a menu of options for such care, from urgent cares to neighborhood micro-hospitals and stand-alone ERs.  Defining an emergency It starts with knowing what a health emergency is. Generally speaking, it’s a serious or life-threatening condition that requires immediate attention or advanced care such

Do You Want Your Loved One Sent to the ER Alone?

There is an important service that should be performed by every Assisted Living Facility when they take on the responsibility of caring for a loved one in your family. In fact I encourage you to add this to your list of criteria when selecting a facility particularly when you are dealing with a senior who is frail or has memory care issues.  The question:  When a resident is sent out of the facility to the

Emergency medicine is about three things: Compassion, Skilled Care, and Speed.

Emergency medicine is about three things:  Compassion, Skilled Care, and Speed. First, we want doctors and nurses to be nice to us, and our loved ones who are in the ER with us.  Secondly, we want highly-trained doctors, nurses, and other clinicians to care for us.  Finally, we want these professionals to quickly diagnose what is wrong with us, and get us on a treatment plan so we will feel better as soon as possible.