Planning for Health Care Near the End of Life

Many older people think about how they want to dispose of their home and other property when they die. To assure this is handled as they wish, they make a will. They also can decide and document who will make financial decisions if age or illness no longer allows them to do so. Sometimes people are not aware they can also establish a plan for the health care they want near the end of life.

Can I Preserve Assets and Still Qualify for Medicaid?

Meet Charlie and Fran.  They have three children, 9 grandchildren and 3 great grandchildren.  They have worked hard and enjoy life on their small family farm.  This place is important to their entire family.  As they age, they realize that if either one of them needs Long Term Care, that their property and other assets could be at risk. They need accurate information they can trust so that if Long Term Care needs come on

Should I Give My House and Stuff to My Kids to Protect My Assets?

This is a common question from clients, especially from baby boomer and senior clients. When I ask them why, they usually say they were told that is the best way to protect the house and stuff from the nursing home. As an elder law attorney, I always answer that doing so is very risky, and rarely worth the potential benefit. Often, people get confused with what they can, vs. what they should do. The tax

Everything Is So Costly, How Can We Afford The Care We Need?

Everything is so costly, how can we afford the care we need?  I often hear this from families just starting the care service maze. For those families that find that mom and dad, or their spouse needs a little more help, they begin a trip of discovery for affordable care. With many options available, finding the right fit can be overwhelming. Often the decision is influenced by factors such as whether there is a spouse

What exactly is a “Care Cost Advisor” and why should I work with one?

Traveling the caregiver road alone is never easy. Maybe it’s time for help. When families faces health care issues and realize they need help for at-home or community based care, one of the first concerns is the financial burden to be faced. Because costs can be high, families may seek the lowest cost care plan to provide the longest possible time frame available. This type of plan may include tag-team coverage from family members who

What is Medicaid Planning?

I am often asked “What is Medicaid Planning?” Let’s break that down. Medicaid is a government program that unlike Medicare will pay for long term care costs in a nursing home, however, it has strict financial limits. Medicaid planning is simply the process of acquiring Medicaid eligibility while preserving as many of your assets as possible. I’d like to take this opportunity to answer a few of the most common questions that I get: How