What is Homecare? Keeping Seniors Safe, Healthy, Engaged, and Active

Home care provides seniors with the choice to age at home and promotes peace of mind and wellness for family caregivers. For seniors with challenging physical and cognitive impairments who require help with activities of daily living, home care is the solution. But home care also benefits those who are still in good health. Can You Benefit from Home Care Services? First In Care private-pay home care is an innovative solution that helps seniors maintain

A Better Way Concierge Care at Home Exclusive & Personalized Home Care

Like everyone we know, my family and I set launch for sunny paradise 15 years ago. We were amazed by the beauty and warm tropical climate. We quickly loved the people and soon opened the first, nurse owned and operated nurse registry, Coastal Care Nursing. Our mission was exceeding the expectations of everyone we encountered; caregivers, nursing professionals, and clients alike. This concept is loved even to this moment. Today, we are recruiting and referring

Private Duty Home Care

Home Care – We understand that budget is a primary consideration when you are making arrangements for home care. We also know that you want the best for your loved ones. Let us help a little bit. Here a list of things to consider when you’re shopping around: Before you make your first phone call, thoroughly consider your needs in a caregiver: Do you need a companion, or someone who can provide hands-on care, such

How Do I Choose a Homecare Company?

Non-medical homecare can be difficult – asking a stranger to come into your home and provide care for your loved one. It’s even more difficult finding the right agency – a reputable one that you feel you can trust to provide the best care and offer you peace of mind. There are many benefits of using homecare: • Keeping your loved one in the comfort of their own home • Homecare is personalized to the

Home Care vs. Home Health … What’s the Difference?

For aging and homebound individuals, home is the best place to remain as functional and independent as possible, with the highest degree of security, comfort, and dignity. When individuals hear the words home care and home health, some mistakenly think the two are synonymous, however, home care and home health are distinct types of care. Home care is non-medical assistance emphasizing companionship while home health is a physician-ordered plan of care provided at home. Let’s

Exceeding Expectations with Exceptional Care

At Heart, Body & Mind Home Care, we know that to live a full life, all of the facets that combine to create one’s wellness must be attended to actively. Our mission is to enrich the lives of our clients and their loved ones by providing individualized, holistic in-home personal care and wellness services designed to appreciate and nurture the connection between one’s spirit, physical body, and their emotional and intellectual self. We go above