ALPHA’s Urgent Mission – and we Need YOU!

Do you know a senior that needs some support? Perhaps they would do better with assisted housing such as a Personal Care Home or Assisted Living? Perhaps they would, but perhaps the monthly cost of a Personal Care Home exceeds $3,400 per month and is out of their reach? In York County, more than 17% of York County residents age 65 or older have a monthly income of less than $1500. We certainly have a

The Making of a Move

All moves share some common elements including why move, when to move, where to move and how to move. The answers depend on individual circumstances and one’s age. We’ll consider moves from the viewpoint of a senior. Why and when often can be addressed together. The motivation for a senior to move can be initiated by needs related to physical health, social activity, memory support. Some people anticipate their needs and tour senior communities and