Care or Independence – How much will either cost you?

If a health crisis occurs, how much will that cost –financially and quality of life? When seniors are in and out of the hospital or ER, what Lifesprk refers to as the ‘roller coaster of health crisis,’ it ends up costing them much more than they may realize. The key to keeping costs low: develop a long-term strategy that focuses on more than just ‘care. People often turn to home care as the solution. The

LIFE – Living Independence for the Elderly

What is LIFE? LIFE is a program that allows older Pennsylvanians to live independently while receiving services and supports that meet the health and personal needs of the individual. Living Independence for the Elderly (LIFE) is an all-inclusive, comprehensive program that helps people maintain their independence in the community through supportive services. The program is known nationally as the Program of All-Inclusive Care for the Elderly (PACE). All PACE providers in Pennsylvania have “LIFE” in

Aging in Place

As we age, we often have a greater need for medical and therapeutic services. Lee Health’s Senior Care Choices program enables many seniors to remain independent in their own home and enjoy the independence they desire.  Our team of Aging Life Care ProfessionalsTM – care managers and social workers – coordinate care with a number of medical and supportive services to find the best fit for each person; to make their lives more manageable and

Keeping Your Independence in Your Senior Years

As we age, daily cooking, cleaning, and upkeep requirements can create a lackluster lifestyle. Making a move to an independent living community may sound scary, but it can become a liberating experience. Aside from the benefits of downsizing, there are many positive reasons to reside in a senior retirement community, including improved socialization, increased safety, and personal enhancement opportunities, such as finding new hobbies or taking new educational classes. Whether it is driving restrictions or

Should Your Aging Parent Still Be Driving?

Driving is one of the freedoms that teenagers can’t wait to get, and one that seniors are reluctant to give up. It is a source of independence and control over their lives because they can go anywhere they want, whenever they want. But many family members become more worried as their parents age, wondering whether it is still safe for them to be driving. There is no magical cut-off age for driving; it’s a matter

Improving Your Health Conditions

Nobody wants to acquire an ongoing or chronic health condition that interfere with their normal activities and requires multiple medications and doctor visits. As we age, however, this happens to many of us. So what can we do to preserve our health and independence as long as possible? And how can we help our family members and loved ones to do the same? One part of the answer, of course, is to live a healthy