3 Reasons Simple Will Plans are Insufficient

It’s Not Only About the Money. The problem with simple wills is that they generally deal with who gets the stuff.  General will plans for married families typically distribute assets “all to spouse then to my kids in equal shares.”  Consider this question… is money the only thing you give to your kids? Don’t we also give our kids other valuable things: respect, work ethic, religion, morals?  Of course, we do. Unfortunately, this is where

Break Down the Most Important Aspects of Estate Planning

There are many important considerations while doing your estate planning. Sometimes, it is difficult to understand the terms and language that are brought up during this time. Here is a breakdown of some of the most important aspects: Probate Defined: Probate is defined as the court process during which a deceased person’s assets are transferred to their beneficiaries. During that time, there is a creditors’ claim period where we publish the proceedings in the newspaper