4/18/2018 – The Colorado Assisted Living Industry enters a new era of operation with a new set of rules and regulations!

The Colorado Assisted Living Industry entered a new era of operation with a new set of rules and regulations. On  4/18/2018  the CDPHE Board of Health approved a new rewrite of the rules and regulations governing the operation of assisted living residences in Colorado. The Board unanimously approved the new rules and regulations. This was a culmination of 24 months of work between CDPHE, the Assisted Living Stakeholders working group, and private owners and operators of

Memory Loss: When to Ask For Help

The following types of memory loss are normal among older adults: occasionally forgetting where you left your keys or glasses, forgetting an appointment, walking into a room and forgetting why you entered or not being able to retrieve information you have on the tip of your tongue. These memory lapses have little impact on your daily performance and often require no assistance. So when should I ask for help? If you are having difficulties performing

The Connection Between Nature and Grief Management

Every individual grieves differently following the loss of a loved one. There is not one “right way” to navigate the overwhelming and complicated emotions that accompany bereavement. When it comes to grieving children, the emotions they experience are even more difficult to work through because they lack the maturity to fully express their feelings. One outlet that has been known to offer unique support throughout the grieving process is interaction with nature. There are numerous

Montessori Inspired Lifestyle® Approach for Dementia Care

The Montessori Inspired Lifestyle® approach to caring for those with dementia is a new concept that is gaining interest in the senior care industry. This innovative approach is relatively new but there is evidence that it can reduce anxiety and the use of chemical restraints for people with dementia by engaging them in both purposeful and meaningful activities. The Montessori Method of education was developed in the early 20th century, by Maria Montessori.  Through her work

Home Care Services: What to Know

There really is no place like home. And that even goes for medical services — your own living room is probably a lot more comfortable and accommodating than a hospital or doctor’s office. That’s where at-home health care comes into play. Individuals of many ages and with a variety of medical needs are recognizing the benefits home health care has to offer. If you’re looking into this solution for yourself or your loved one, we’ll cover

Capturing the Beauty of Wrinkles & Imperfections

IStock photos are amazing!  We have been using them for flyers, brochures, and advertising.  We found over the years however, we could not find photos of seniors who were old enough to represent our population. It seemed as if the oldest person in the photo was 15-20 years too young -more representative of the children.  My goodness – we call ourselves advocates for the elderly and then our pictorial representations were inaccurate. We hired our