How Can an Ombudsman Help You?

If you live in a long-term care or assisted living facility remember that the Ombudsman is your advocate to help in working out issues or concerns that arise. I first met Jennifer, a fifty something year old woman last year. Jen reported injuring herself, a small cut, maybe a nick gardening or chopping veggies she wasn’t sure. The cut was small enough to be non-concerning and it healed soon enough that the event was long

What in the World is an Ombudsman?

Have you ever seen a word and thought, “What is that, where did it come from, and what in the world does it mean?” For many, the word “ombudsman” elicits that response. It’s only early summer, but Ombudsmen (and Ombudswomen!) across the state have already made hundreds of visits to local long term care facilities and provided countless hours of consultation and education to long term care residents and their families. The term “ombudsman” is

A Lesson Learned By An Ombudsman

One of my first complaint investigation as a Long Term Care Ombudsman came from a man who stated he was being denied dessert by staff at meal times. When I asked the facility about this they responded that he is diabetic and should not have sweets by order of a physician and request of the family. The complainant pointed out he was a veteran and stated very clearly that he had earned the right to

Long-Term-Care Ombudsman. What’s That?

Ombudsman:   Swedish word meaning “One who speaks on behalf of another” Our Purpose:  We are a free advocacy service mandated by the Older Americans Act to help all nursing home and assisted living residents maintain their quality of life by ensuring that their rights are protected. Who We Help:  Residents, families, and friends of long-term-care residents are encouraged to contact the Ombudsman.  We work with facility staff, hospice, adult protection, and others to get the