Age Friendly Colorado Springs Midway Update

In March 2016, Colorado Springs became an Age Friendly City, a designation through AARP and the World Health Organization. Mayor Suthers appointed Innovations in Aging Collaborative to administer the Age Friendly Colorado Springs Plan.  Since becoming an Age Friendly City, Innovations in Aging Collaborative worked to convene the community and establish partnerships to accomplish the actions items within the Age Friendly Action Plan and to improve the community for people of all ages. The AARP

A Season for Full Community Participation

It was once said that, “Aging is not ‘lost youth,’ but a new stage of opportunity and strength.” The wisdom of this statement is demonstrated well by those seniors who, upon entering this new life stage, actively contribute to their community. Unfortunately, people of all ages often view seniors primarily as passive recipients of community services rather than full participants who also give back. While seniors may in fact need specific services and support, the

Colorado’s Independent Living Centers: Empowering Seniors to Age in Place and Stay Independent

Continuing a life of health and wellness as one ages requires regular adjustments and adaptations through the body’s many changes. Living independently in the community late into life is very possible, and requires a commitment to life-long learning of new skills. Across Colorado, Independent Living Centers, or ILCs, help seniors and their families and friends adjust and adapt to aging in place. As the body ages there is a common diminishing of six core functions

SRDA – Joseph H. Edwards Active Adult Center Expands

The Senior Resource Development Agency, Inc. (SRDA) in Pueblo, raised money to enclose the 2nd floor balcony area at the Joseph H. Edwards Active Adult Center. This capital project will enable SRDA to increase its programming by providing a safe, comfortable, and quiet environment in which to participate. To meet the needs of the aging population of Pueblo County and provide multi-use space for the larger community, SRDA is expanding usable space by enclosing a

InnovAge PACE Helps Marvin Keep on Truckin’

On his morning InnovAge PACE bus ride, 89-year-old Marvin looks forward to his day at the Pueblo PACE center. He enjoys reading, doing crossword puzzles, and most of all, reminiscing about his time in the U.S. Air Force and career as a truck driver for 42 years. PACE is a great fit for Marvin, who is determined to maintain his mobility. After years as a truck driver, Marvin can tell you how to get anywhere

The Changing Face of Aging in Southern Colorado

The aging landscape is changing at a rapid rate with the baby boomer population nearly fully aged into senior status. Colorado is now a state on the forefront of innovating services and options for retirement and Pueblo Area Agency on Aging is working with the State Unit on Aging and the Strategic Action Planning Group on Aging to address concerns and innovative approaches for Southern Colorado. Along with 16 other Area Agencies on Aging; Pueblo