CareRX Pharmacy

Pharmacies today are offering more comprehensive services, including preventive care and even health monitoring. The CareRX Dream Team knows the vital role your pharmacy plays in improving and maintaining your health. With more than 40 years of experience in several divisions of pharmacy, the highly-trained team at CareRX Pharmacy understands the urgency of pharmacy support. “our vendor selection process has given us the ability to eliminate all manual processing, so we are able to provide

Maintain Your Health More Conveniently

Whether we’re filling multiple prescriptions because of our families or just ourselves, we can understand that having to go to the pharmacy to pick up medications each week, or even more often, quickly becomes a demand on our time when we have so many others already. A bill recently passed by the House, now headed to the Senate for consideration, would give Pennsylvanians more of a precious resource – time. House Bill 1800 would make

Integrated Medical Services: A New Trend in Modern Medicine

It has always been my belief that in order to fully take care of a patient, a comprehensive plan and resources need to be in place. While there are many aspects of good patient care, access to services is vitally important along with those resources communicating with each other to coordinate that care. Having medical services, such as a pharmacy, a medical clinic, and a home health and hospice working jointly together provides a higher