Cultivating Caregiver Wellness Connecting with nature is good for family caregivers.

The health benefit of gardening is well documented throughout history. Benjamin Rush, a prominent Philadelphia physician and a signer of the Declaration of Independence, was the first to document the therapeutic benefits of working in the garden with individuals with a mental illness. By the 1950s, the practice of horticulture therapy expanded to treat war veterans and gained acceptance in benefiting a wide range of disabilities and diagnoses. Today, therapeutic gardening or horticulture therapy, benefits

You Can Be Sued For Your Parent’s Nursing Home Bill

Yes, you read that title correctly. In Pennsylvania, a nursing home can sue adult children for a parent’s unpaid nursing home bills. This law is called the Filial Responsibility Law and you need to be aware of it if your parents are currently receiving care or may need care in the future. This law has been in existence for decades but has only recently been used by nursing homes to recover a parent’s unpaid medical

Medicaid Spend Down Planning

When you go into a nursing home and want Medicaid to pay the bill, you must be below the government’s asset thresholds. Unfortunately, you essentially must go broke before the government will help pay for your care. When someone with assets goes into a nursing home, they must pay privately for care or take other legitimate actions to get the countable assets low enough for eligibility. The process of decreasing assets to become eligible for

Choosing a Senior Living Community

Senior living has many options – what’s best for you? Do you require care? Are you independent and seeking an apartment community where you feel safe, can socialize and have activities right at your fingertips? Yes? An independent living community would fit your lifestyle. Check out senior apartments or a continuing care retirement community (CCRC). A CCRC allows you to move-in as a healthy adult, but if your needs change, you can access higher levels

The Importance of Having “The Talk”

No, I am not referring to the Birds and the Bees. I am talking about the importance of discussing end of life issues. Why is this conversation so difficult for us to approach with our loved ones? The topic of death and dying takes us into uncomfortable territory. It can be scary and sad. It often brings back painful memories or emotions. Some find it easier to keep these thoughts and feelings inside, rather than

Living Longer, Stronger Lives

The goal for most of us is not to simply to live longer lives, but to continue to live healthier, more engaged, more vibrant lives. Groundbreaking scientific studies now reveal that only about 30-35% of the chronic diseases we acquire are genetically based. This is really big news, because it means that approximately 70% of diseases that afflict us can be avoided by making good choices about our health and our lifestyles. What can be