Connecting With Relay Colorado

Making calls through Relay Colorado is liberating, enjoyable and convenient. Relay Colorado, a no cost, 24-hour service, allows callers who are deaf, hard-of -hearing, deaf-blind or those who have a speech disability to call anybody using relay services.   All calls are confidential, and no records are kept. Relay Service-Dial 711 and call anyone, anywhere, anytime with Relay Colorado. The Communication Assistance (CA) will dial the other party’s number and the CA will relay the conversation

Adult Protective Services

Adult Protective Services (APS) receives reports of abuse, neglect, and exploitation of at-risk adults, conducts an investigation into the allegations, and implements services to reduce and prevent further mistreatment. ​ Colorado operates as a stated supervised, county administered system​. County APS programs provide for the safety and protection of at-risk adults who are or are suspected to be, victims of mistreatment. At-risk adults are defined as persons age 18 or older who are susceptible to

Anti-Aging Dentistry is Your First Step Towards Improving Your Smile

When Bob and Patty came to Guerra Dental they found an office that was compassionate and eager to help. Being a nationally recognized speaker, Bob Linden knows the value of a great smile. He and his wife Patty have always taken care of their teeth, but like many people, their smiles had started to age. When Patty discovered that she needed a new dentist, she and Bob went searching for the right fit for their

The Last Chapter: What to Expect, What to avoid, What to Smile About.

Wouldn’t it be nice to just ride off into the sunset, and when that golden glow is laying on the horizon like a bridge, we just step onto it and walk right into Heaven? Sounds perfect. But life isn’t so perfect, and it isn’t easy either. But there are many good memories we can all tuck away and carry with us. And we can make the process a little easier on our families by being

Take the Pressure Off with Senior Care

Summary:  There are many responsibilities when caring for an aging parent and sometimes family members cannot be there all of the time.  Senior care from Non-Medical Home Care Agency can provide a respite for families for the times that they cannot be with their loved one. ________________________________________________________________________ Many are expected to take care of elderly parents or family members as their parents age and become less independent.  It is very difficult, especially considering that most

Livin’ The Dream, No Matter What Age

Eighty-three year-old Iola Wagner felt a mixture of both excitement and nerves as she entered the auditorium of the Elizabeth Stewart Treehouse Museum in Ogden, Utah. This was a moment she’d spent weeks preparing for, and a day she’d long been awaiting. When it finally came time for her to take the stage, Iola sat down, took a deep breath and began reading aloud. This wasn’t the first time Iola had taken this stage. In