The Short on Rehab

What is Post-Acute Rehabilitation? It is an inpatient center that provides therapies and/or Skilled Nursing. Adults go there to recover from illness, injury, surgery, or other medical conditions following treatment in an Acute Care Hospital. Post-Acute Rehabilitation is a term used interchangeably with Short Term Rehab, Transitional Care Unit and Skilled Nursing Rehab Facility (SNF). These facilities offer many similar services, such as: Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Speech Therapy and Skilled Nursing Services. All centers

Orthopedic Rehabilitation: What The Process Could Look Like

Rehab facilities can take a variety of patients. The primary goal at a rehab facility is to help the patient’s get stronger and achieve their highest level of functionality. Rehab facilities often take patients with conditions such as cardiology complications, strokes, wounds, and many other different conditions that has caused a patient to experience increased weakness. Rehab facilities also see a large population of orthopedic patients. Estimated rehabilitation times can be different for patients depending

What’s Right For Me?

Hospital stays, planned or unplanned, are never a first choice for a vacation.  Despite our desire to be relaxing on a beach or enjoying the mountains, you or someone you love will unfortunately end up spending time in a hospital.  Once stable, hospital patients frequently say the same thing, “I just want to go home.”  When you are in a hospital, your road home may be direct or it may include a short detour to

Choosing a Post- Acute Facility: Transitional Rehabilitation or Skilled Nursing?

Health Care is changing and so are the options for care and rehabilitation following an accident, injury or illness.  The new Transitional Rehabilitation model is driving trends in post-acute care and providing a better recovery experience for patients. New Transitional Trend #1: providing short term care without providing Long Term Care. New Transitional Trend #2: providing care and rehabilitation in a comfortable setting with a hospitality focus. New Transitional Trend #3: providing high intensity therapy

What is a “SNF” and What Should You Know Before Admission?

Today’s Skilled Nursing Facility (SNF) can take many different shapes and forms. As recent as ten years ago, when people referenced SNFs, they were generally talking about a traditional long term care nursing home. In recent years, the SNF model has evolved to include specialized short term rehabilitation centers, geared towards helping people return home after a serious illness, injury or operation. These centers are staffed with a team of licensed therapists, compassionate nurses and

Benefits of Short-term Rehabilitation

Short-term rehabilitation is designed to help people make a safe and comfortable transition between post-acute care and home. Typically lasting 21 days or less, short-term rehab can be extremely beneficial following a surgery or hospitalization after an injury, stroke or major medical issue. One big benefit of short-term rehab is that it can target a variety of needs. Many programs offer physical, occupational, speech, respiratory and cardiac rehabilitation services. By offering a comprehensive array of