Taking Away Mom’s Car Was Tough Enough, but Now the Computer?

In the past few years, scams of senior adults utilizing social media have skyrocketed according to law enforcement and social service agencies resulting in significant amounts of much needed financial assets being lost with little or no chance of recovery. “It is an epidemic targeting the most vulnerable, who also happen to control 70% of the nation’s wealth,” says Julie Krawczyk, Director of the Elder Financial Safety Center, a collaboration of The Senior Source, Dallas

Right Time…Right Tools…Right Balance

Being Independent Does Not Need to Mean Being Alone There is a difference between being connected to one another and being connected to the internet. And, the more we use tools and technology to keep us efficient, the less we make personal connections and the more isolated our seniors may become. However, using tools and technology in conjunction with personal interaction is a great way to help keep your loved one safe, healthy and engaged.