4/18/2018 – The Colorado Assisted Living Industry enters a new era of operation with a new set of rules and regulations!

The Colorado Assisted Living Industry entered a new era of operation with a new set of rules and regulations. On  4/18/2018  the CDPHE Board of Health approved a new rewrite of the rules and regulations governing the operation of assisted living residences in Colorado. The Board unanimously approved the new rules and regulations. This was a culmination of 24 months of work between CDPHE, the Assisted Living Stakeholders working group, and private owners and operators of

When to Consider a Move to a Senior Living Community

Let’s face it, the thought of moving away from your home and into a senior living community can be a daunting decision. For many people that are 65 and older, contemplating a move can seem like the last chapter of a well-read book; however, most people have say, “I wish I would’ve made the move a lot sooner!”Get Out 2017 streaming I have been told that there are many benefits to moving out of a

SRDA’s Active Adult Center…the “Silver Lining”

SRDA has been blessed in many ways in 2016. We have prevented helplessness through the Lifeline medical alarm program. Our other programs have fed hungry elders, transported folks to medical appointments, grocery stores and in some cases, life-saving dialysis treatments.   We have provided light housekeeping, Medicare counseling, volunteer opportunities, grandparent mentoring to children, and even mowed lawns. These are all necessary services that enable our SRDA family to age safely and comfortably in their homes. 

Is a Will Necessary?

“Is a Will really necessary?  I have everything in joint tenancy with my spouse so I really don’t think I need a Will.” This is a common yet misguided thought among many individuals.  Yes, it is necessary to have a Will.  In this day of fast paced travel who knows if both you and your spouse will die in an accident.  Do you really want the legislators to designate where your assets go and who

All Retired Veterans, Spouses & Their Widows, Free Home Care Is Available Now!

“As a young boy in the mid 80’s, I remember making home visits to my then 85 year old, great-grandmother, Mrs. Tennie Frass, also known as ‘Ninny’ to us kids.  Today, over 30 years later it chokes me up knowing that she could have received 46 hours per month of FREE home care services through this unique program, mostly because she was a widow of a WWII Veteran!  However, the care was never introduced because

That Tough Conversation

“Dad, I don’t think it is safe for you to drive anymore.” “Mom, have you considered Assisted Living? You are not eating very well and I noticed you did not take your medications again last night that I left out for you.” “Mom and Dad, the house is falling apart around you.  Have you considered bringing in some help with yard work, repairs, and maybe housekeeping?” As an adult child who is helping to care