What is LIFE Pittsburgh?

Many elderly wish to remain in their homes as they age, however they find with each year it is more difficult to coordinate all the medically necessary services to live safely in the community. LIFE Pittsburgh is part of the National program (PACE) for adults 55+ who have health needs that affect their daily lives. LIFE Pittsburgh provides a wide range of medical, social, recreational, and wellness services at no cost to eligible participants. The

Older Adults in Dallas

Seniors in Dallas/Fort Worth know they are lucky. Not only is this a great place to live, but here they have the ability to grow old without leaving their own homes or losing their independence due to home care agencies that provide caregivers and care managers based on customized care plans. Nearly 9 in 10 seniors say they’d prefer to keep living at home rather than move to a facility. Yet every year, thousands still

Making Sense of Senior Safety

Observing the safety hazards in a senior’s home is one thing. Living them is another. It’s not always easy to understand the physical limitations older adults face that could make home a virtual minefield for an aging parent. According to research conducted by the Home Instead Senior Care® network, nearly 100% of emergency room doctors in the U.S. and Canada report that the following health conditions are very serious risk factors as potential causes for injuries or accidents

What is Aging in Place?

Aging in place is a term used to describe a person living in the residence of their choice, for as long as they are able, as they age. This includes being able to have any services, assistance, or other support that they might need over time and as their needs change. As we get older, our bodies age and our health status changes. Aging in place initiatives help older people navigate these changes while preserving

Colorado’s Independent Living Centers: Empowering Seniors to Age in Place and Stay Independent

Continuing a life of health and wellness as one ages requires regular adjustments and adaptations through the body’s many changes. Living independently in the community late into life is very possible, and requires a commitment to life-long learning of new skills. Across Colorado, Independent Living Centers, or ILCs, help seniors and their families and friends adjust and adapt to aging in place. As the body ages there is a common diminishing of six core functions

InnovAge PACE Helps Marvin Keep on Truckin’

On his morning InnovAge PACE bus ride, 89-year-old Marvin looks forward to his day at the Pueblo PACE center. He enjoys reading, doing crossword puzzles, and most of all, reminiscing about his time in the U.S. Air Force and career as a truck driver for 42 years. PACE is a great fit for Marvin, who is determined to maintain his mobility. After years as a truck driver, Marvin can tell you how to get anywhere