What is a Residential Care Home?

Residential Care Homes offer the opportunity for persons needing care to receive assistance in an intimate home setting. Care is provided in real houses located in residential neighborhoods. The intimate family feeling of these homes make them an excellent choice for memory care, giving clients comfort in a natural setting.   Residential Care providers offer care ranging from assisted living services to full skilled nursing, with many specializing in memory care, Alzheimer’s or other forms

Depression, anxiety and loneliness

Depression, anxiety and loneliness are as rampant in America’s senior facilities as any other disease. It’s not that caregivers today don’t want to spend emotional time with seniors. It’s that they can’t. They’re just too busy. As a result, emotional care gets left out. Fortunately, the tide is turning. “Small care” is a growing thing. With small care, we’re able to attend to the high physical and emotional needs of senior residents. Not because it

Care or Independence – How much will either cost you?

If a health crisis occurs, how much will that cost –financially and quality of life? When seniors are in and out of the hospital or ER, what Lifesprk refers to as the ‘roller coaster of health crisis,’ it ends up costing them much more than they may realize. The key to keeping costs low: develop a long-term strategy that focuses on more than just ‘care. People often turn to home care as the solution. The

Aging, Driving and Freedom

Whether cruising the open road or stuck in a traffic jam, driving has been the American way our entire lifetimes. The way many communities are built more for our cars than for people, driving is the cornerstone of our independence and freedom. Most people are faced with the reality of diminished ability and the decision to stop driving at some point in their life. It can be a complex and emotional issue for individuals and

A Heritage of Words

How would you like to give your loved-ones a well-written, ornately bound story-book, telling them about your life? These days, most families live at a distance. We see our children, grandchildren or great grandchildren less and less.  Even if we’re together more often, it’s difficult to find the right time to talk about important things. For this reason, legacy letters and books are gaining in popularity. In a legacy story, you have the opportunity to

Keep Your Eye On The Prize

So, you have decided to move into a smaller home. Now comes the challenge of what to take with you and what to let go of. Do you have heirlooms or maybe you have an excessive number of cookbooks? Perhaps you have a garage full of unfinished projects that have ended up in the abyss of good intentions. This was Dee’s challenge. She was moving from a 3,200 square foot home to a 1,500 square