Colorado’s Independent Living Centers: Empowering Seniors to Age in Place and Stay Independent

Continuing a life of health and wellness as one ages requires regular adjustments and adaptations through the body’s many changes. Living independently in the community late into life is very possible, and requires a commitment to life-long learning of new skills. Across Colorado, Independent Living Centers, or ILCs, help seniors and their families and friends adjust and adapt to aging in place. As the body ages there is a common diminishing of six core functions

4/18/2018 – The Colorado Assisted Living Industry enters a new era of operation with a new set of rules and regulations!

The Colorado Assisted Living Industry entered a new era of operation with a new set of rules and regulations. On  4/18/2018  the CDPHE Board of Health approved a new rewrite of the rules and regulations governing the operation of assisted living residences in Colorado. The Board unanimously approved the new rules and regulations. This was a culmination of 24 months of work between CDPHE, the Assisted Living Stakeholders working group, and private owners and operators of

Has Anyone Seen My Exit File!

As a Geriatric Care Manager, I have the honor of meeting so many interesting and different people! I always believe we can teach each other something new. One of my most recent lesson was on organization and humor. I was asked to help a couple with some organization of their legal and financial matters. This couple referred to their current filing system as their “Exit File”! This is a wonderful and to the point title

Can I Get Paid for Being a Family Caregiver?

I’m not trying to be greedy, but I had to quit my job to take care of my mom. My husband isn’t comfortable having a stranger take care of him. My insurance will pay for someone to take care of my disabled sister and I’m a trained medical assistant – can’t they just pay me? Family caregivers often spend a large portion of their income – not to mention their savings – to care for

Former Uranium Workers Exposed To Toxic Materials – Now Eligible for In Home Care

Ever since physicist Enrico Fermi discovered the potential of nuclear fission in 1934, many dedicated men and women  have worked effortlessly to utilize this power in defense of the United States. Now, more than 70 years later, our nuclear program has produced many scientific advances. Unfortunately, the thousands of courageous Americans responsible for these nuclear advances, paid a high price for their service, developing serious illnesses as a result of exposure to radiation and toxic

Choosing a Post- Acute Facility: Transitional Rehabilitation or Skilled Nursing?

Health Care is changing and so are the options for care and rehabilitation following an accident, injury or illness.  The new Transitional Rehabilitation model is driving trends in post-acute care and providing a better recovery experience for patients. New Transitional Trend #1: providing short term care without providing Long Term Care. New Transitional Trend #2: providing care and rehabilitation in a comfortable setting with a hospitality focus. New Transitional Trend #3: providing high intensity therapy