Why Would I Consider a Trust For My Estate Planning?

Everyone needs an estate plan, it doesn’t matter what your socio-economic circumstances are. A simple estate plan will typically contain at least three documents. This will generally include a durable medical power of attorney and a durable financial power of attorney. The other document typically found is a way to pass your property upon death such as a will. However, there are times when a trust might be an option in your estate planning instead

Has Anyone Seen My Exit File!

As a Geriatric Care Manager, I have the honor of meeting so many interesting and different people! I always believe we can teach each other something new. One of my most recent lesson was on organization and humor. I was asked to help a couple with some organization of their legal and financial matters. This couple referred to their current filing system as their “Exit File”! This is a wonderful and to the point title

Is a Will Necessary?

“Is a Will really necessary?  I have everything in joint tenancy with my spouse so I really don’t think I need a Will.” This is a common yet misguided thought among many individuals.  Yes, it is necessary to have a Will.  In this day of fast paced travel who knows if both you and your spouse will die in an accident.  Do you really want the legislators to designate where your assets go and who

Estate Planning: Not Just for Boomers!

A well-executed estate plan is critical for everyone. A will or trust, and powers of attorney are the best way to ensure your wishes are honored after your death, and during any period of incapacity. In past columns we have discussed the importance of estate planning for seniors.  Here, we’ll look at these issues for the younger generation. Planning for these events seems natural as we age and families grow. It is especially important for