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Seniors Blue Book Senior Care Spotlight | Home Instead Senior Care with Temi Charrier


Temi Charrier, owner of Home Instead Senior Care join Seniors Blue Book Publisher, Kathleen Warshawsky, BSN, RN in this Senior Care Spotlight.  Temi shares "why do we do the things we do". She talks about having"Passion, Purpose and Attitude towards Quality". Watch the video to hear more. Learn...

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Webinar | Challenges of Hospice Care During a Pandemic


Jennifer Broadway, BSN, MS, RN, CHPN Administrator, Hospice at CC Young presents on some of the challenges of hospice care during this COVID-19 pandemic. Learn how to stay safe and keep your patients safe during a pandemic by following the CDC guidelines. You will also learn how to conduct virtual...

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Don't Go Long-Term Alone (English Version)

1901 W Colonial Dr , Orlando, FL

There are a lot of different options for long-term care, as you can see from this book. Each comes with its own unique pros and cons. One of those is the cost of the care. Assisted living can range from the low $2,000’s all the way up to $6,000+ per month. Memory care usually starts in the high $4,0...

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The importance of mealtime for those living with Alzheimer’s


                                                     For those living with Alzheimer’s disease it is important to understand the dietary needs and mealtime changes that need to occur to ensure a safer, more enjoyable quality of life. Mealtime means more than a balanced diet, as it is a key component...

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Services Your Funeral Director Provides


                                                                           When planning a funeral for a loved one, you want to make this time as easy as possible. You want them to take care of all necessary details, including taking your loved one into their care from the hospital, nursing home, or...

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Is It True That Medicare Covers Hearing Aids Now?


                                              People often wonder why hearing aids have never been covered by Medicare. Well, this year, there some new options for hearing aids through Medicare Advantage plans. But buyer, beware: these options are not always what they appear. Regular Medicare plans...

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Empower Your Family – Take Part in Your Planning


Here I am, almost 70 years old, own a home care company for 20 years, and struggle to make ends meet for my 102-year-old mother-in-law, Sylvia.  She ran out of money about 3 years ago, and my husband and I struggle to keep her home with care.       What do families do in this situation? Certainly...

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Is Your Parent Driving You Crazy?


  I believe the reason humans face so many struggles and dilemmas in life, love, and loss is so we will have many opportunities to learn from living and grow from learning.Viewing struggles as opportunities helps us grow stronger and wiser.  My job is to help adults grow, using psychological concepts,...

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Mindfulness & Caregiving: How to Let Go of Fear and Protectionism


If you’re a caregiver and a perfectionist, you may be facing an uphill battle. Caregiving is a demanding job, and it’s critical to accept that not everything will be perfect. As a caregiver, there are many things you cannot control, and the most important thing to do is to let go of chasing perfection...

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Horses Bring Moments of Joy for Memory Care Residents


The therapeutic qualities of interacting with horses has long been known.   Horses have an un-canny ability to reduce anxieties, restore a sense of calmness and bring great joy to those around them. This is especially true for those who are challenged by Alzheimer’s disease, as well as other forms...

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Elder Abuse You May Be Overlooking


An estimated 1 in 10 Americans over the age of 60 has experienced elder abuse. Abuse is often underreported, so it is our responsibility to recognize the types and signs.  Physical Abuse includes any time physical pain is inflicted. Bruises are often dismissed, however abused seniors are more likely...

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Osteoporosis – Prevention and Management


Like other organs in the body, bones are constantly changing. Throughout childhood and as young adults, bones grow in strength and in size. Around the age of 30, bones reach their peak strength and then naturally become weaker with age.  Osteoporosis affects one in every four adults and is a condition...

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Senior Care Spotlight | teleCalm


Join Kathleen Warshawsky, BSN RN, for a Seniors Blue Book Senior Care Spotlight, featuring Tavis Schriefer, CEO of teleCalm. What is teleCalm? The teleCalm service stops problem calls for seniors – whether they live at home or in a senior living community. We especially help those living with Alzheimer’s...

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Staying Connected to Your Referral Sources | Round Table Discussion


Social distancing requirements during the current pandemic have made it difficult to connect with referral sources in traditional ways. In-person networking and marketing has not been the same for several months now, and there is uncertainty as to when it may or may not be safe to resume. Join Kathleen...

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Seniors Blue Book Senior Care Spotlight | Nurse Next Door of Dallas NW


Kristin Sines, Owner of Nurse Next Door of Dallas NW, and Director of Happier Aging along with Michelle Duncan, Home Care Coordinator join Seniors Blue Book Publisher, Kathleen Warshawsky, BSN, RN in this Senior Care Spotlight.  Learn more about Nurse Next Door  • How Nurse Next Door's services work...

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Identifying airborne transmission as the dominant route for the spread of COVID-19


A recent study conducted by authors from Texas A&M University, The University of Texas at Austin, California Institute of Technology, University of California San Diego, identifies the wearing of face masks in public essential to stop the Covid-19 pandemic. In the study, the authors conclude that...

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Seniors Blue Book Senior Care Spotlight | Home Care Assistance Denton County


Kare Works presents Seniors Blue Book Senior Care Spotlight with Home Care Assistance of Denton County. Welcome to Tamika Jackson, Administrator/Client Care Manager with Home Care Assistance of Denton County. She shares information about Home Care Assistance and the services they are offering during...

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Senior Care Spotlight welcomes Devin Kassi, Family Home Health / Three Rivers Hospice


Learn from Devin what makes Family Home Health and Three Rivers Hospice unique and how they have been supporting their patients, patient families and employees during COVID-19.

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Senior Care Spotlight welcomes Lisa Story, Founder of Hope Grows

Hope Grows provides family and professional caregivers to receive counseling, support, and much-needed short breaks. Learn from Lisa about their one of kind approach to wellness, through their variety of programs and initiatives, that manage the physical, psychological, and spiritual stress associated...

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Senior Care Spotlight welcomes Morgan Traffican, Residence at Whitehall & Residence at Bethel Park

Senior Care Spotlight welcomes Morgan Traffican, Community Outreach Director for The Residence at Bethel Park and The Residence at Whitehall. With living options to suit your specific needs and activities that you’re sure to love, these are exactly what vibrant, active communities look like.

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