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Mar 31, 2023


Pennsylvania - South Central PA

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Episode Summary 

Jeffrey Bellomo decided to specialize in estate planning and elder law because of a health crisis in his own family. He discusses how that difficult situation motivated him to make sure that what happened to his family does not happen to others.

Today, members of the Bellomo team emphasize client education, fair billing practices, and proven systems and processes to ensure a predictable yet personalized client experience. It’s how they create outcomes that protect the personal and financial freedom of their client families.

Key Takeaways 

Takeaway 1: Jeff’s mother became ill, and it was eye opening - 01:39

Jeff’s family lacked knowledge of estate planning and elder law. They did not have a good experience trying to care for the personal and financial well-being of his mother and the family.

He vowed to specialize in this area of law and committed himself to fair billing practices and client education.

Takeaway 2: Bellomo & Associates developed a better way – 08:07

After launching Bellomo & Associates, Jeff founded “Lawyers with Purpose” to provide law firms with an education-based model of operation that results in predictable yet personalized experiences and outcomes for clients.

The model features repeatable systems and practices, including free workshops and consultation for clients.

This approach helps the Bellomo team get to know the client, understand their needs/goals, and learn what’s important to them.

The client, in turn, learns the key concepts of estate planning and elder law, along with details of plans and pricing, so that they can make informed decisions aligned with their needs and goals.

Working together, the Bellomo team and the client create a personalized, no-surprises plan to protect the family into the future.

Takeaway 3: Estate planning ahead of time is best, but we’re prepared to help with the unexpected crisis – 15:25

Our Medicaid Crisis Workshop is conducted on demand and can be attended online. Call us or make contact via our website.

We’re also prepared for unexpected probate or trust administration when needed. (See Episode 11: Probate v. Non-Probate Assets)

Takeaway 4: Bellomo & Associates offers a range of services to meet specific challenges - 20:04

Services can be divided into three major categories: estate planning, probate, and Medicaid.

Clients with special medical needs are part of the estate planning category, but also have special planning needs. It’s crucial to develop a plan tailored to the individual. (See Episode 6: Special Needs Trusts)

With the low-cost maintenance program, long-term clients can keep their plans updated as their needs change and/or the law changes.

The 20+ member Bellomo team is very proud of what they have built. They share core values and continue their commitment to client education and personalized service.  

Links and Resources Mentioned

Lawyers with Purpose


Bellomo & Associates workshops, including Medicaid: https://bellomoassociates.com/workshops/ 

“Red Wagon Estate Planning and Elder Law Show”

Episode 11: Probate v. Non-Probate Assets 


“Red Wagon Estate Planning and Elder Law Show”

Episode 6: Special Needs Trusts 


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