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Crunching Numbers and Counting Pennies May Not Be Necessary Thanks to Aid and Attendance Benefits!

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Coming to the decision that it is time to move Mom or Dad into assisted living is never easy.   Finding the right place where they will thrive is hard enough.  When financial resources are tight, it is even more difficult to find a place that they can call home.  As a Care Director, I speak regularly to those who are looking for assisted living placement.  As we talk, one of the first questions I ask is if their mom or dad served during a time of war.  That may sound like an odd question however, there is a very important reason for it. 

Did you know if your parent served during a time of war, and are age 65 or older, they may be eligible for a TAX FREE benefit called Aid and Attendance through the VA?  Aid and Attendance provides money that helps pay for assisted living, or care as veterans age.  While the process of applying can be a little tedious, there are incredible Veterans organizations that work everyday to help navigate the application process.  Most veterans and their spouses start receiving their benefits in just a few months after their application is submitted.   

While the amount of benefit varies, the following chart provides estimates of benefits based on various circumstances.

Surviving Spouse

$1,244 Monthly/$14,928 Annually

Single Veteran

$1,936 Monthly/$23,232 Annually

Married Veteran

$2,295 Monthly/$27,540 Annually

Two Veterans Married

$3,071 Monthly/$36,852 Annually


Again, this is a TAX FREE benefit that can make a tangible difference in the level of care your loved one receives.  I’ve personally seen the difference these funds can make.  I am a firm believer that all who served should have our deepest, heartfelt gratitude, and exemplary care every single day of their lives.  Aid and Attendance paves the way for our veterans to live their lives in Assisted Living Care facilities that are committed to excellence and the highest standard of care!

For those who are interested in pursuing this benefit the form can be found at

Editor’s Note: This article was submitted by Nancy Ruminski, Care Director at Crestview and Larry D McCall. She can be reached at 719-644-1377

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