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Nebraska Waiver Medicaid Programs


Nebraska has several different Medicaid waivers that supports individuals who meet a "nursing home level of care." The waivers allow the state to waive traditional Medicaid services to provide services and supports in community settings (as opposed to nursing homes or institutional settings). Waivers can pay for nursing services, Personal Assistance Service (PAS), home and vehicle modifications, employment supports and habilitation, as examples.

If an individual has “nursing facility level of care” needs and wants to live at home rather than a nursing facility, this waiver will provide Medicaid funding for an array of services. For example, this waiver allows for a family to obtain nursing services, childcare and respite services, and it provides funds for specialized formulas. It also can help cover the cost of home/vehicle modifications. This program also provides service coordination

Go to the link below for a booklet that provides a general overview of Nebraska’s Medicaid waivers and compares the services offed under each or contact Akkase Home Health Care at 402-359-1265 for an evaluation to see if you or your loved one qualifies for Medicaid Waiver services.

This article was submitted by Jerry Vokracka, Regional Director of Akkase Home Health. He can be reached at or 402-359-1265

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