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SBB University Caregiving Resources | Fall Prevention The Big Picture

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SBB University Caregiving Resources | FALL PREVENTION THE BIG PICTURE is a 4 part series presented by Emilia Bourland, OTR, ECHM, the owner of AIPC Therapy, and a mobile Occupational Therapy provider.

Fall Prevention The Big Picture | Part 1

Understanding Risk: Awareness Of Possible Consequences And Desire To Act

Fall Prevention The Big Picture | Part II

Environment: Friend and Foe. How changes in the environment can dramatically increase OR decrease fall risk… Almost instantly!

Fall Prevention The Big Picture | Part III

Activities: Why HOW we do WHAT we do matters when it comes to falls and independence.

Fall Prevention The Big Picture | Part IV

The Person: Physical, sensory, and cognitive characteristics that impact fall risk – What can change, what can’t, and what to DO about it!

To learn more or contact Emilia Bourland, OTR, ECHM with AIPC Therapy

SBB University | Caregiving Resources is provided courtesy of Seniors Blue Book and Kathleen Warshawsky, BSN, RN

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