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Senior Transition Specialist Help with the House and the Stress

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When it is time to place a loved one into senior living, there are so many emotions that we go through. Stress, fear, and sadness are among the few. I have run into many people that don’t know what to do with the house and all the “stuff” the loved one will no longer be using. You know you need to sell it, but first it needs to be cleaned out, then it needs some updating, then you need an agent that can list it, show it, and finally sell it a few months later. 


The problem is, most families are in crises mode with more than a few things going on, and they end up struggling with the following:

  1. What items should we keep, what items can go with our loved one, and what do we do with the rest?
  2. When will I have the time (AND MONEY) to get the house updated a bit so it can be put on the market?
  3. We need the money from the house NOW in order to PAY for long term care. Waiting 2-3 months for the house to sell is not an option!


All of these questions and tasks can feel very overwhelming on top of all the other emotions and decisions you have to make during this time. 

There are people that can help you! There are people that can help to right size your family members items for their new living situation. There are also people that can purchase these homes in AS-IS condition. Meaning you don’t have to rehab them, or even remove the belongings you don’t want! You just leave everything and it will be taken care of for you. These people can also buy the house in weeks, not months. This allows you to be able to place your loved one into care much more quickly.

Today, you are being faced with giant life decisions that affect your whole family. These people understand how important this transition is for your family and you don’t need hiccups or additional burdens. 


Editor’s Note: This article was submitted by Lindsey Jensen who is Owner of New Generation Homes and can be reached at 719-299-5964.

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