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Technology and Senior Living


  • What’s driving the success of today’s most powerful senior living apps and how families are staying connected.
  • Technology is reinventing how today’s seniors tap into personal interests, plug into their networks, and power up their lives.


Technology is transforming senior living—but it’s not in the way you think.

There are significant trends that impact how our business serves the senior living population, and none of them are new. The world tends to shrink as we age—our health declines, our brains slow down, and our relationships wither in step with our independence. In the past, technology served to accelerate this process (think recliners and televisions), but today’s tablets, apps, and software have the ability to completely revolutionize our later years, if we invest in the right resources.


Plugging into a better network

How well our teams connect to our residents is just as important as how fast they can connect to the internet. A staff member to a bedside, Grandma to her grandkids, a retired couple to a dinner out on the town—the right technology brings the human network to life as fast, as simply, and as often as possible.


Tapping into personal interests

Technology apps like Omaha’s own LifeLoop make more of these critical connections possible. With its tablet-based access to everyone in their “loop,” LifeLoop makes it easy for seniors to share their experiences with those who are invested in their care. From scheduling transportation to inviting grandchildren to the next community event, apps like LifeLoop are changing the way seniors engage with the world—and it’s making a difference in their quality of life. 


Minimizing desktops

What makes apps like LifeLoop so powerful aren’t (just) hyper-intelligent interface and thoughtful design. This technology makes light work of managing events, organizing menus, scheduling transportation, and tracking resident activity, but what it really does is free up a highly talented and compassionate staff to get in front of their residents, with enough data in their back pocket to show they’ve been paying attention.


Stone or touchscreen, we’ve used tablets for millennia to communicate and connect. Technology is just the medium. What truly drives our success as a business—and our ability to thrive as we age—is how well we use that technology build, engage, and strengthen the relationships that allow us to thrive.


Editor’s Note:  Article submitted by Ted Lowndes, President of Dial Retirement Communities 

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