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The Truth about Nursing Homes

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Nursing Homes have continued to have a negative connotation in the eye of the public.  The thought has always been that nursing homes are where you go to die.  However,
the reality of today’s nursing home is quite different.  They are Skilled Nursing and Rehabilitation centers.  True, many people do live there long term as the facility’s resident, but many more are short term patients coming for a variety of reasons:

Rehabilitation Services
Many centers now offer Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, and Speech Therapy.  The programs are designed to help the patient get back to their prior level of ability and back to their previous home, which can be their private residence, assisted living, or a community group home.

Skilled Services
Sometimes a patient may need some extra healthcare while they are recuperating from an illness or surgery that doesn’t require hospitalization.  For instance, a patient may need IV antibiotics or some assistance healing a wound.  They may live at the center for a short period of time while receiving treatment for their condition.

Long Term Care
At times, a patient may live at the center as their primary residence.  Many times a resident may choose to live at the facility because they are no longer able to care for themselves. They enjoy the socialization the facility offers in addition to the planned activities and meals that are served daily.

Respite Services
When a loved one is being cared for by a family member and that family member needs a break for any reason, patients can stay at the facility on a ‘respite’ basis. This means a short time period, which is determined by the patient and their responsible party.  A patient can go to a facility on a respite basis, as needed, throughout the year.

All skilled nursing centers are regulated and monitored by the State Health Department.   The Health Department visits each facility on an annual basis and works as a partner with the nursing facility to ensure optimal care is provided.

I invite you to visit your local center and find out what programs and services they offer that may benefit you or your loved one.  Ask for a tour and observe the hardworking staff.  I trust you will be pleasantly surprised!

Submitted by Stephanie Signore, Division Director of Sales & Marketing, Life Care Centers of America