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Hello, My name is Amanda Barton and I am your local Publisher. I welcome your feedback and look forward to learning how I may assist you with your search.  Seniors Blue Book is Collier and Lee Counties' most comprehensive and reliable resource for Aging Well.  Click around to compare Senior Housing such as Retirement Communities, Assisted Living, Memory Care and Skilled Nursing Communities.  You will also find Health at Home options like Home Health Care, Private Duty Home Care, Hospice and Senior Resources.  

Seniors Blue Book prides itself in being a one-stop shop to find local In-Person Educational Events, Activities, and Entertainment.  Check out our “Educate Yourself” tab to view Educational Articles, Videos, and Definitions. 

Whether you are looking for resources, looking to promote your business or just want to know what's happening around town, the Seniors Blue Book website is your go-to! Our healthcare system is difficult enough to navigate but throw in insurance and legal issues on top, and then manage it all in a crisis… no one should have to do it alone. Let me help you! Call 813-731-6069 or email me at abarton@seniorsbluebook today!

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Florida - Southwest

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Community Blood Center Blood Drive 1/26 & 1/27

Community Blood Center, an affiliate of NCH, collects blood products to benefit patients in area hospitals. Blood drives are subject to change. Visit www.givebloodcbc.org or call 239-624-4120 for the latest updates and a complete list of donation locations. Donors must weigh at least 110 pounds, and be at least age 16, with parent consent. There is NO age maximum to donate blood. January 26 from 10 - 2:45. January 27 from 10 - 2:45. 

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Local Aging Options

Chefs for Seniors

Meal Preparation , Naples, Florida,

Chefs for Seniors Naples offers an exciting alternative to ordinary meal delivery services!We have a team of highly skilled professional personal chefs ready to cook for you right here in Naples. Our personal chefs are ServSafe certified, undergo background checks, and are fully insured, and totally committed to creating delicious meals based on your dietary needs and food preferences. Let our highly trained personal chefs create specialized menus based on all the foods you love. Chefs for Seniors Naples is the affordable healthy meal service youve been looking for. Now you can spend less time cooking and cleaning and more time enjoying your life with your friends and family.

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Palms of Fort Myers, The

Memory Care 2674 Winkler Avenue, Fort Myers, Florida, 33901

The Palms of Fort Myers is a premier retirement community offering both Independent, Assisted Living and Memory Care. Our residents enjoy a heated swimming pool, walking paths, a game room, a beautiful chapel and a Rehabilitation and Wellness Outpatient Clinic, among many other services and amenities. Our dedicated and experienced staff strives to provide quality care with a friendly smile and a homelike feel.

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Sandalwood Village

Independent Living 3511 Vanderbilt Beach Rd., Naples, Florida, 34109

Picture overlooking a lake and golf course as you sip your breakfast coffee on your balcony. Sandalwood Village is where you can stay at home and still be on vacation. Whether you prefer sunbathing by the pool or socializing with friends, you'll find what you enjoy right outside your doorstep. You can choose to participate in any of the social activities that are planned for almost every day of the year, and you can use all the recreational and fitness amenities on your schedule. Sandalwood Village is what true Independence looks like for a senior.

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HomeWell Care Services

Home Health 13100 Westlinks Terrace, Fort Myers, Florida, 33913

HomeWell Care Services is known across Florida and beyond for providing in-home care that focuses on safety, comfort, and companionship. We have a team of caregivers who are genuinely passionate about being there to help the seniors of Southwest Florida keep their independence and dignity as they age. If your elderly loved one cannot stand the idea of being in an assisted living center, or if you do not have the resources to move them into your own home, call HomeWell Care Services at 239-666-2339 to see how our senior care services can help.

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Articles Written By Local Businesses

Assisted Living Solutions and Other Ideas That Can Keep Seniors Safe and Engaged this Season

For more information on Senior Care Authority, Click Here.Winter is a wonderful time of year, and for most of us, it represents a chance to celebrate holidays and get together with family and friends. But the season can also be treacherous for senior citizens. Each year, roughly36 million falls are reported among older adults, resulting in more than32,000 deaths. Many of these accidents occur in areas where winter means cold, ice, and snow. Assisted living solutions may be the answer for some seniors and their families, but there are also ways you can keep your loved one safe without relying on assisted living. Here, well look at a few of them.Make Your Home a Safe OneIf older relatives are visiting for the holidays (or during any time of year), make sure your home is safe and accessible. To that end:Keep floors clutter-freeKeep exterior sidewalks clearRearrange furniture so people can comfortably move around itPut non-slip pads underneath rugsMake sure electrical cords are tucked awayTo keep stairs from becoming an issue, consider having your senior sleep on the first floor of your home. If not possible, make sure their room is close to the bathroom and use nightlights to help them navigate.Stick to a Healthy Diet and Stay HydratedThe holidays, with their cakes, candies, and other rich foods, are notorious opportunities for overeating. With that said, try to plan meals that leave room for enjoying favorites without feeling stuffed. If you're planning a big dinner for New Years Eve, for instance, consider serving a lighter lunch of salad or soup earlier in the day. Eating lightly is always a good idea anyway, but especially so for seniors who may be on medications or who have digestive issues.Drinking plenty of water is also a way for your senior to stay healthy during the holidays. Older individuals, in particular, need plenty of fluids throughout the day; dehydration can lead to hospitalization. Have water easily accessible at home, and keep bottled water in a purse or bag if you're running errands with your senior.Keep Cooking Communal but SupervisedCooking meals with your older family member or friend, especially during the holidays, can be a wonderful opportunity for you and your loved one to share memories and bond. But its a very good idea to give them less injury-prone tasks, such as organizing, prepping, or measuring ingredients. Keep chopping and cutting on your to-do list, and don't ask them to move hot or steaming items from one surface to another. Encourage them to do all cooking activities in a seated position.Keep an Ear Out for Noise LevelsMany seniors wear hearing aids, and while that can help them stay engaged, these devices can sometimes heighten background noise, making it difficult for your loved one to concentrate. Multiple loud conversations and background music happening simultaneously can cause seniors to withdraw from the conversation or festivities. If you notice this happening, bring the noise level down and try to create more intimate conversation spots away from crowds to help your loved one stay engaged.To find out more about assisted living solutions and other resources to help your senior stay safe, contact Senior Care Authority today!

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6 Reasons Prepaid Funerals Are the Best Gift

As a parent, you will give your children many lovely gifts. A lifetime of presents may include everything from a birthday puppy to a college education, a trip to Disney to relationship advice.But the next time you want to give your children something special, consider pre-planning your funeral.There are many benefits to planning in advance. We count down the top six reasons families tell us pre-paid funeral plans are the best gift they ever received from their parents. 6. You get to choose exactly what you want.Pre-planning your funeral allows you to carefully consider your options and make the choices that ensure that your life is remembered and celebrated the way that you want. Even if you tell your family about your end-of-life wishes, they may not remember or agree. The only way to know for sure that you will get a cremation with a celebration of life by the lake or a New Orleans-style jazz procession is by planning in advance. My parents purchased prepaid funeral expenses many years ago. After all these years, when we went to use these services, everything was paid for, except the death certificates. (which was understandable.)Carol S., Medway, MA5. Your children won't have to find a way to pay for your funeral.You may not be able to shield your children from the emotionally difficult parts of a passing, but you can help ensure that they dont have to worry about money at the same time. In the days immediately following your death, your assets may be unavailable and life insurance can take six to eight weeks to pay. Without a prepaid plan in place, your children will be expected to cover all of your funeral expenses before funeral services. Pre-planningand prepayingmeans relief from that burden. Learn about monthly funeral payment options here. Having a burial arrangement is one of the greatest ways to let your loved ones know that just because you are no longer physically there you are still looking out for them and their well-being. Its the greatest gift you can ever give.Rayette A., Kent, WA4. Your family members wont need to worry about getting it wrong.Would Dad have wanted the hand-carved, solid mahogany casket? Would Mom have wanted every last member of her church to attend the funeral service? When plans aren't prepared beforehand, loved ones guessand then worry that maybe they got it wrong. Save them from doubt and anxiety over getting it right by planning in advance. From experience, it is really important to pre-plan your wishes ahead of time. When my Mother died it was so hard & such a shock to our family. My Father & I went down to Greenoaks & made all his arrangements, paid for them so when the time came for him it would be taken care of and easier for my Sister & myself. It was a true blessing an actual gift he gave us.Monica N., Baton Rouge, LA3. Your family wont have to face quick decisions.At the time of need, funeral arrangements are usually made in a couple of days. Even if you lay out your wishes in a will, your children can be left scrambling, since funerals often take place before a will is located or read. To protect your loved ones from facing hurried decisions during an already difficult time, plan your funeral in advance. Putting the details in writing not only ensures your wishes will be followed, but saves others from needing to make judgment calls on your behalf."My husband and I decided we will set up a pre-planning meeting for our desires when the time arrives. We would like whomever handles to have the same experience we had as its a very difficult time when one passes." Janice L., Las Vegas, NV Doing pre-need arrangements was a tremendous gift our dad did for us. At the time of dad's death, I was so heart broken and was so thankful dad had made all the tough decisions ahead of time. He didn't leave much for me to do. I was able to fall apart and grieve his passing.Debra B., Lakewood, CO2. You lock in todays prices and save money.One of the more practical benefits of planning your funeral in advance is financial. As the cost of living rises, so do the costs of funerals and burials. When you plan and pay in advance, you essentially lock in a price guarantee. For example, if you plan today and choose a casket that costs $2,000, you will never have to pay more than that for that casket, even if it doubles in price. Paying for things at current prices protects youand your childrenagainst inflation. Learn about how much cremations and funerals cost. "Both my parents had purchased a pre-paid cremation policy in 1984, which saved me a considerable amount of money related to today's prices."Beth C., Houston, TX1. Your loved ones can focus on remembering and healing.Perhaps often forgotten, but the top reason families tell us that prepaid funerals are the best gift they ever received is the emotional value of prepaying for a funeral.The days immediately following a death are emotionally difficult. Pre-planning your funeral, cremation or burial, documenting your wishes, and paying for arrangements give your loved ones the time, space and permission they need to grieve without having to make hundreds of funeral decisions. The time they might have spent making arrangements can be spent with family and friends, remembering a special life and beginning the healing process. 

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Financially-Wise Gifts for Grandkids

By Tiffany Williams, Managing Executive, FineMark National Bank & Trust office at Shell Point Retirement CommunityIts common for grandparents to want to shower their grandchildren with gifts, including toys, clothing, trips, dinner outings, and even a little cash slipped in their pockets here and there. However, there can be important tax advantages in making lifetime gifts to grandchildren, such as funding for educational expenses, a first home, starting a business, or a life insurance program. The following are ideas for lifetime gifts you might want to consider for the long-term benefit of your grandchildren:Trust Gifts to Minors  an account in a minors name where a custodian has a fiduciary duty to manage the account until the minor reaches the age of majority, he/she will then have complete rights to the funds in the accountUniform Transfers to Minors Account  extension of Trust Gifts to Minors that allows items other than cash or securities to be considered giftsCollege Savings Plans  prepayment of qualified higher education expenses at eligible educational institutionsU.S. Savings Bonds  fixed rate of interest over a fixed period of time which are not subject to state or local income taxesLife Insurance  contract between the policy holder and the insurer, where the insurer promises to pay a designated beneficiary a sum of money upon the death of the insured personTax Free Payment of Tuition and Medical Expenses direct payments for someones educational or medical expenses are exempt from the federal gift tax, without regard to the annual exclusion limitationThe next time you feel like showering your grandchildren with gifts, consider making a long-term gift that will help provide financial security in the future. If you would like to discuss any of these options in greater detail, a good place to start is your trusted financial advisor or banking institution.Finemark National Bank & Trust has an office on The Island at Shell Point Retirement Community. If you have questions about this article, contact us by phone at (239) 461-5999.

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Life After Being Fully Vaccinated

Its great news if you are fully vaccinated against COVID-19! Now the question is: how can you keep yourself and others safe?Research on how the vaccine impacts the spread of COVID-19 is still ongoing; however, we have learned that there is some protection provided for fully vaccinated individuals. People are fully vaccinated two weeks after their second dose of the Pfizer or Moderna vaccine; or two weeks after being administered one dose of the Johnson and Johnsons vaccine.According to the CDC, fully vaccinated residents and team members can:Resume pre-pandemic activities without wearing a mask or staying 6 feet apart except where federal, state, or local laws, rules and regulations require it.Travel within the U.S. without a test (either pre/post-travel).Travel within the U.S. without quarantining after travel.Travel outside the U.S. without a pre-travel test (subject to destination) but should get tested 3-5 days post-travel.Travel outside the U.S. without quarantining after travel.Do not need to stay away from others or get tested if you have been around someone with COVID-19 unless your workplace requires testing.Fully vaccinated residents and team members should continue to:Follow the state and local guidance.Wear a mask on all forms of public transportation.Get tested 3-5 days after arriving in the U.S. after international travel.Monitor yourself for COVID-19 symptoms; get tested and stay away from others if you have symptoms.Discuss activities with your healthcare provider if you have a weakened immune system to protect yourself.As our communities start to open up, we will continue to follow best safety practices to keep all residents and team members safe. For current or potential residents who wish to get the vaccine and have not already, we are happy to assist with appointment scheduling and transportation. 

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Local Business Videos

Be Happy Live Longer

Master the art of positivity and be on your way to joy and happiness! 

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A Healthy Gut Is A Must!

What we eat matters, and can directly affect our overall health. Learn what foods give you great health benefits, and what foods you should avoid. .

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Curcumin and Cancer

Did you know that the food you eat impacts disease? . In this health series presented to you by Seniors Blue Book, we discuss all things health & wellness, bringing you and your loved ones quick tangible tips!

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Partner Spotlight: Sandalwood Village

At Sandalwood Village we are more than a place where you rent a one or two-bedroom home, we are a tight-knit community where your well-being is always placed first. Here you can expect around-the-clock emergency maintenance services, maintenance-free living, and complimentary breakfast. Imagine yourself in a place where you truly have it all, from personalized SUN Program events to covered parking, elevators, and free transportation to local retail and grocery stores. Take advantage of the outdoor gated pool and spa with patio area, recreational walking paths, salon, and state-of-the-art recreation and fitness facilities.Call Tony for more information at 239-449-6526!

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Travel Companion (Nurse)

About GOMO TravelGOMO Travel is a Florida-based, high-touch, service-motivated concierge travel assistance company providing skilled and competent personal level travel services for those who need assistance. GOMO Travel is focused on developing assisted-travel solutions to get all travelers including those that may be fearful, anxious, medically-challenged, incapacitated or just needing assistance to their destinations around the world while providing peace of mind and freedom for their loved one(s) in the process. Focus on safety, attention to detail and the protective welfare of our travelers is our #1 priority, and we are dedicated to delivering superior assisted travel services to our travelers.Travel Companion (Nurse)GOMO travelers include the elderly, persons with travel anxiety or mobility challenges, and travelers that may just need assistance getting to their destinations and are seeking to travel with a trusted companion. We are seeking qualified registered nurses to become GOMO Travel Companions and join our growing GOMO Travel Team!As a GOMO Travel Companion you will accompany individuals that may have medical and/or related needs to help make their journey comfortable, enjoyable and stress-free. Medical considerations can be a significant source of stress and worry for many would-be travelers and their families, and as a medically-trained GOMO Travel Companion you will be providing compassionate travel assistance to help overcome even the most complicated travel challenges. GOMO Travel Companions are trained nurses, but do not work in any health or medical-related capacity with our travelers. However, they do provide the compassionate assistance and attention to detail our GOMO travelers and their families have come to expect from GOMO Travel.GOMO Travel Companion ResponsibilitiesAs a GOMO Travel Companion, your responsibilities shall include: Assisting travelers with their pre-arranged travel needs Picking up/drop off travelers from home or final destinations Carrying travelers luggage and helping stow carry-on bags (potentially exerting up to 50 lbs. of force occasionally, and/or up to 20 lbs. of force frequently) Assisting travelers through security, departure gate, boarding and flight connections Handling interruptions and delays in travel itineraries and assisting with alternate arrangements Promptly and effectively dealing with transportation representatives (including airline agents, cab drivers, cruise agents, etc.) on travelers behalf to resolve issues in real time while accompanying travelers on trips Communicating updates throughout the trip to the travelers family members, GOMO staff and other relevant parties Assisting travelers through customs and baggage claim Making the travelers trip as pleasant and stress-free as possible Maintaining a safe and comfortable travel experience for the traveler While not on trips, assist CEO and other GOMO personnel with marketing, training, scheduling and related office and administrative functions, as needed from time to timeGOMO Travel Companion Minimum Qualifications Registered Nurse (license required, minimum 4-year degree) Friendly, thoughtful, caring, and compassionate people skills Exemplary interpersonal and organizational skills High attention to detail Ability to demonstrate responsiveness, sound judgment and awareness Excellent communication skills and ability to build rapport with travelers Ability to project trustworthiness, sense of security and confidence in dealings with travelers and their family members At least 25 years of age Comfortably assisting elderly travelers with anxiety or mobility issues Valid drivers license with clean driving record Successful background and screening checks Primary language is English but the ability to speak Spanish or another foreign language is a plus Must be willing to apply to Homeland Security Trusted Traveler Program Significant air travel experience required (previous experience as a travel agent or airline professional - e.g., flight assistant, airline or travel agent - is a plus) Ability to push a wheelchair with an adult traveler, assist travelers with transferring from a wheelchair and/or assist travelers with a walker (exerting up to 100 lbs. of force occasionally, and/or up to 50 lbs. of force frequently with wheelchair travelers) On an occasional basis, longer trips or more remote destinations will require extended and consecutive periods of work until the trip is completeWhat GOMO Offers Competitive pay for service (base salary $40,000-$50,000 with variable incentive pay up to $30,000 based on trips; benefits related to the position will be discussed with each suitable candidate individually) Ability to quickly accrue personal airline travel miles and hotel points Opportunity to travel and visit new destinations Opportunity to meet new people and develop new relationships Personal satisfaction from helping others Opportunity to join and grow with a new and exciting start-up company that is shaping the assisted travel industry

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Probate & Estate Planning Paralegal

Were hiring an experienced Probate, Guardianship, Estate Planning, and Trust Administration Paralegal with at least 5 years of experience in Florida law. Be able to take a probate case from beginning to end with little supervision. Experience in Collier and Lee County preferred.Doing this job right requires the right combination of empathy, communication skills, attention to detail, and technical skills. You'll play an integral role in creating memorable client experiences and helping grow the firm. Must be kind, have a positive disposition, and enjoy helping people.We offer paid holidays, IRA contributions by the firm whether or not the employee contributes, health insurance, paid vacation, PTO, life insurance, and short disability insurance. We also have awesome Nespresso lattes, cappuccino, and espresso coffee, so you can save your money from having to go to Starbucks every day. We can do flex of in-office and remote work.Top 10 reasons to work at the Firm:An estate plan for you and your spouse/partner at no costA growing list of benefitsThe ability to grow personally, professionally, and financially with a local, development firmThe chance to grow a company from the ground floorYou get to work for a business owner who stresses a healthy work/life balanceWe learn by doing - one on one with the attorney/ownerMultiple opportunities to earn bonusesA private officeEspresso, cappuccinos, and latte in-house (better than Starbucks)Work for a firm that values your input, listens to your ideas, and works with you to help awesome clients achieve their goalsResponsibilitiesTake care of administrative tasks such as answering phones and maintaining an organized filing system for all legal documentsHold client interviews to gather information about their legal problemsPrepare all documents necessary to handle a summary, formal and ancillary probate in FloridaPrepare estate planning documentsBe a witness in signing ceremoniesPrepare estate planning bindersQualificationsTalented communicator and writerCandidates should possess high-level organizational skills, and time-management skillsStrong preference for candidates who have completed a paralegal professional certification or have an advanced paralegal educationAt least 5 years of experience is a must.Please apply if:You have experienceYour professional life doesn't take a backseat to your personal life (we are all about balance!)You weren't distracted by the buzz of your cell phone while you were reading this adYou can set priorities and follow instructionsYou have a sense of humorYou don't think answering the phone is an interruptionYou don't think making coffee is beneath youYou can find the compassion and empathy to want to be helpful to our clients and attorneysCompensation$65,000+ yearlyAbout Kushi Law Firm, P.A.We take excellent care of our clients, help protect people and keep the court system from interfering in our clients' lives!

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Nurses, Dining Servers, Resident Care Assistants, Med Techs

We have several job opportunities here at Canterfield of Fort Myers.We are looking for:Nurses- $29 per hour (lpn preferred)Dining Servers- $15 an hourResident Care Assistant- $15 an hourMedtechs- $16 an hourAll are starting rates but there is room to grow in this family-ownedfacility. We would love to see some new passionate people join ourfamily at Canterfield of Fort Myers.

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Office Manager

Griswold has been giving people the help they need to live in the place love since 1982. We are a non-medical home care registry that connects clients with professional caregivers who can assist with bathing, transportation, homemaking, companionship, and more! Our office in Bonita Springs, FL is looking for an Office Manager to join our team of passionate, energetic, and committed professionals who serve the elderly and disabled community in the greater SWFL area.  The Office Manager is responsible for the daily operations of our home care office, which are varied, fast-paced, and rewarding. A mix of social services, customer service, finance, human resource, and sales are all parts of this exciting role. The ideal candidate is an energetic, professional, kind, and well-organized leader who can wear multiple hats and has extensive experience in customer service or client-facing environments. Manager qualifications include, but are not limited to: Articulate, with strong verbal and written skills; Pleasant phone manner; Reliable and consistent; Creative with problem-solving skills; Organized and detail oriented; Flexible and able to multitask; Hold a current and valid drivers license; Proficient in Microsoft Office Suite. Office Manager duties include but are not limited to: Provide exceptional customer service according to company standards; Maintain all systems, policies, and procedures to meet State regulations; Supervise and manage all staff, client coordinators, marketers, administrative personnel; Achieve growth goals; Maintain and manage local marketing efforts; Other tasks as deemed appropriate and necessary.  If you are caring, compassionate, and have a true desire to help others, becoming a member of the Griswold team may be the perfect opportunity for you.  Please send your resume to Shannon Gettier at s.gettier@griswoldhomecare.com   Griswold is an equal opportunity employer. We do not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, national origin, pregnancy status, sex, age, marital status, disability, sexual orientation, gender identity, or any other characteristics protected by law.

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