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Idaho - Boise and the Treasure Valley

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Idaho - Boise and the Treasure Valley

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Local Aging Options

The Pointe at Meridian

Independent Living 3123 South Titanium Avenue, Meridian, Idaho, 83642

The Pointe at Meridian is a retirement community where every element of true living comes together in one harmonious place. Life within our independent living community can truly be carefree. Our main building also features a private movie theater, spa, salon, fitness center, activity rooms and much more. The Pointe will provide a formal fine dining experience for those looking to explore new cuisines, or old favorites. However, if you have plans and are on the go, we also offer quick snacks so you can grab something on your way out to wherever life takes you that day.Assisted Living:Whether you or your loved one need minimal assistance, or a more thorough and comprehensive care plan.Services Include:Weekly Housekeeping available3 Meals Daily providedTransportation to Local Medical Appointments & Scheduled Shopping Outings All Utilities   Cable TV & Internet A Vibrant Activity Calendar 7 days per weekOur medical assessments are done prior to admittance into our community and routinely thereafter to ensure we are providing the top notch care you expect. All care plans are determined with input by you or your representative, our staff, and your primary care physician; in concert, we believe we will be able to provide the care necessary to achieve optimal success while maintaining dignity and respect.Memory Care Community for Our Residents That Need Extra Care Due to Dementia.All of our residents in this portion of the community will be provided customized service plans provided by our trained care staff, available 24 hours a day with licensed nurse oversight. The service provided will be available in a tranquil and compassionate environment, catered towards those with higher needs related to memory loss. We also provide assistance with short-term respite stay accommodations.

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Havenwood Caregiver Services-Twin Falls/Gooding

Non-Medical 246 Main Street, Gooding, Idaho, 83330

Havenwood provides dependable and compassionate assistance with daily living needs. Helping clients and their families improve the quality of life and keeping those needing help independent. We believe that aging in place is the best place for seniors.

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Edgewood Spring Creek Memory Care Boise

Memory Care 10681 W McMillan Rd, Boise, Idaho, 83713

Edgewood Spring Creek Memory Care is conveniently located at the corner of Five Mile and McMillan roads in a thriving section of Boise. But dont let all the action of big-city Boise fool you; inside our doors your loved one will enjoy a nostalgic, homelike feel but still have the convenience of Boises regionally-renowned medical services right at their fingertips. Edgewood Spring Creek Memory Care has built a reputation as a premier provider of Memory Care services, and our dedicated, caring staff are specially trained to deliver specialized care planning and programming, increased security measures, modified dining options, and more hands-on support and care. Plus, our residents also enjoy the benefit of having on-site Therapy Services, Home Health and Hospice provided by Edgewoods healthcare services divisions, CaringEdge and All Care. 

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Havenwood Caregiver Services

Non-Medical 139 River Vista Place Suite #202, Twin Falls, Idaho, 83301

Havenwood provides dependable and compassionate assistance with daily living needs. Helping clients and their families remain in their own home and improve the quality of life. We believe that aging in place is the best place for seniors.

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Articles Written By Local Businesses

Why Volunteer at St Alphonsus?

At Saint Alphonsus, volunteers are a significant part of the healthcare team. We are proud of all our volunteers who freely give of their valuable time and talents to support our mission. Our volunteers have a very important role to play and help us build positive relationships with patients and family members. Our volunteers come from all walks of life, ranging from high school students to adults to seasonal visitors and retirees. Our volunteers work directly with people and provide behind the scenes support. Benefits of VolunteeringMake Someone's Day Better and Brighter!You have the power to help a Saint Al's patient have a better day by making them smile and providing a little sunshine with your words and actions. Finding ConnectionWhen we reach out to others, we make a connection, we find commonality and share a laugh. Often, it's as simple as asking how a patient's day is going; or finding out if they are native Idahoans or recently moved to the state; if they are Boise State fans; or the name of their favorite pet waiting for them at home. A Physical Feeling of FulfilmentSaint Alphonsus volunteers often boast of their higher-than-normal step count after a volunteer shift, but it's more than moving our bodies, it's feeling good about ourselves. Volunteers often experience a "helper's high," defined by psychologists as the brain releasing good chemicals after performing acts of kindness. In addition, people who volunteer have higher self-confidence and feelings of fulfillment. NetworkingWe have many high school and college students who volunteer to find out more about health care as a career. They work side-by-side with doctors and nursing. The backbone of our program, however, is retired adults. Our retirees enjoy working together and form friendships that bubble over into fun activities outside their volunteer careers. ThankfulnessWhen we help others, we have more empathy for others. And compassion often provides us with a frame of reference for our own situations. It may even help us be more appreciative of our own lives.                                                                                                                                                                                     Are you ready to benefit from volunteering?  Email us at  Faith Community Nursing Health MinistrySaint Alphonsus Health System partners with houses of worship of all faith traditions and community organizations, in building and sustaining a Faith Community Nurse Health Ministry.   This ministry helps to meet the emotional, physical and spiritual needs of community members. The Saint Alphonsus Faith Community Nurse Health Ministry is a bridge between hospital, church and community.Faith Community NursingFaith Community Nursing is a specialized practice of professional nursing that focuses on the intentional care of the spirit, promotion of whole-person health and the prevention or minimization of illness within the context of a faith community and the wider community.   A Faith Community Nurse is a registered nurse with an intentional focus on spiritual health, who primarily uses interventions of education, counseling, prayer, presence, active listening, advocacy, and referral. Guided by the Scope and Standards of Faith Community Nursing, these nurses serve in community settings that are diverse in denomination, size, race, and ethnicity. Areas that a faith community nurse may assist community members with are: Health Educator Facilitates understanding of integration of health   and spirituality. Facilitates group education presentations Leads wellness activities Offers individuals/families appropriate resources   regarding health concerns Provides resources for grief / mental health well-being support Advocate Helps clients to access the   appropriate healthcare and   community resources.Supports members in positive  lifestyle changes. Home visits and Pet therapy Health MinsterA health minister is a person who feels a calling to serve their community by promoting whole-person health and wellness.   Health Ministers are educated with a preparation program provided by Saint Alphonsus.  After training they are encouraged to contribute their services to a Health Ministry Program,often under the guidance of a Faith Community Nurse or Health Ministry Team Leader.  Health Ministers are lead by guidelines from the Health Ministries Association For more information contact:Cari Moodie, RN, Coordinator,Faith Community NursingPhone: (208) 367-6494                  E-mail:

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Your Role in Your Own Health Care

How many times have you been to the doctor this past year? Did you see your primary care physician for your regular check-up? Perhaps your cardiologist? Your dentist? For most people, health care is extremely fragmented. This means that the information discussed or obtained from each of these visits is not shared with any other provider. This can result in duplicate tests being performed and perhaps delayed diagnosis or treatment. Even for the very healthy, the burden of keeping different doctors apprised of what you're experiencing is typically on you. Electronic medical record systems in Saint Alphonsus hospitals and clinics are helping to make a difference in sharing important medical data between Saint Alphonsus providers, and making great strides in resolving the fragmentation of your care. We are working diligently to extend this same benefit and communicate to independent medical providers in your life who should know what's happening with you. However, for now, you or someone you trust should be the center point of your care. Here's what you can do. 1.When you get a test result or have a procedure, get the summary in writing, and send copies to all your other healthcare providers with a simple note: Wanted to keep you up- to-date on my health status. Please put this in my chart. Be sure to bring up the data or problem at your next visit. 2.Keep a list of all your medications in your wallet or purse and update it any time a healthcare provider adds or deletes a drug or changes a dosage. 3.Dont leave your dentist or your eye doctor out of the loop. It will help them diagnose and treat any issues they may identify with you. 4.If you have a test or procedure and you do not hear the results soon afterwards, do not assume the results were normal. Call the healthcare provider who ordered the test and ask them to send you a written copy of the test summary. 5.If you are hospitalized, it's okay to ask all your caregivers questions about what is happening. Be sure you understand what tests you're getting and why. If you are being discharged from the hospital ask for the results of any tests or procedures you had in the hospital. Editor's Note: This article was submitted by Saint Alphonsus. To find a Saint Alphonsus primary care or specialty physician, call (208) 367-DOCS (3627).

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Social Security Analysts of Idaho

Did you know that 96% of retirees leave money on the table when filing for their Social Security benefit?  There is someone who can help you make a wise and fully informed decision when filing for benefits.  A Social Security Analyst is a certified, trained professional with a singular mission.  Helping you make the most of your personal options.  Sit down with one of our team, help them understand your unique situation and lay out the possibilities open to you as you contemplate your filing decision.The Social Security Office cannot do this for you, by law. But we can!If you are married, widowed, divorced, single, not yet 65, 65 or older you may be eligible for benefits. Call us right now at (986) 200-4444 and speak with a Social Security Analyst to make sure you do not miss anything you may be entitled to.Provided by Health Insurance Associates Inc. Nampa, ID 83687

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Hospice services for Military Veterans

The need for hospice services for military veterans has never been greater, but often those who were the first to answer our nations call for help are among the last to seek help when they need it. Today, more than 37 percent of the veteran population is 65 years or older. More than 1,800 veterans die every day, but most veterans still die in their communities only 4% occur in Veterans Administration facilities. There are many reasons why veterans do not seek end-of-life care. A culture of stoicism might prevent veterans from admitting to being in pain, or from asking for pain medication. Some may suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), with symptoms that can include social isolation, alcohol abuse, and anxieties. However, much of avoided care comes down to education. The benefits of hospice care can meet the special needs these brave men and women have at the end of life. VA and hospice programs have learned a critical lesson in caring for dying veterans: A patients military service history is highly relevant to providing the most appropriate, personalized end-of-life care. Although hospices routinely ask and record their patients age, family make-up, racial/ethnic group and religion at the time of enrollment, far too few ask about service status. But they should. There may be health coverage and benefit issues, if the veteran is enrolled at a local VAMC or would like to be, along with burial and other benefits. When seeking hospice care for a veteran, it is important to ask about services that will meet his or her specific needs based upon the timeframe of service. Some hospices have developed care programs specifically designed for the conflict the veteran served in, such as World War II, the Korean War and the Vietnam War. Some also have specially trained volunteers, many of whom are veterans themselves, to assist with care and comfort. This gives the patients a level of comfort knowing that those who are taking care of them have been through many of the same things they have. For some veterans, the effect of combat experience may remain buried for years, emerging only when they are very sick and dying. Finding the right end-of-life care can make all the difference. Hospice is a choice to live life to its fullest, empowering patients and their families to redefine hope in the last months of life. Finding a hospice that has made it its goal to care for veterans is another way to honor their sacrifice. -Devin Limb is Executive Director of United Hospice in Meridian.

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