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Welcome to Seniors Blue Book's home page for the Boston area.  Here you will find the latest news and information on our community.  Please check back often and let us know what you think. This site complements our local Seniors Blue Book and Professional Discharge Planner Resource Notebook.  If you would like a book please click on a button below.  If you are a professional  interested in being showcased in our next issue or receiving our Discharge Planner Resource Notebook please contact us. We are here to help our seniors, their family members and the professionals that serve them. Email or call us at 978-443-8318  and let us know how we can help you. Enjoy the site and we look forward to hearing from you. Susan Arayas - Publisher

Massachusetts - Greater Boston

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Local Aging Options

Quincy Community Based Outpatient Clinic(MWF 7:30-4)(T,Th 8-4:30)

Veteran Services Quincy Medical Ctr 110 West Squantum St, Quincy, Massachusetts, 02169

Discover the secret that 127,000 other area Veterans already know: VA healthcare is exceptional!. Exceptional savings, world class healthcare with no premiums or deductibles plus 3,400 employees who firmly believe in and support those who have served. VA Boston Healthcare - where we truly believe "Only the best for America's Finest!" Call David Hencke, the Outreach coordinator at 857-364-5934. You'll be glad you did.

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Oakley Home Access

Aging in Place 16 Production Road, Walpole, Massachusetts, 02081

Oakley Home Access is an expert team of Home Safety Professionals with goals to help individuals achieve Fall Prevention, Accessibility, & Aging-In-Place. We offer free home safety assessments provided by an Occupational Therapist or CAPS (Certified Aging in Place Specialist) professional who recommends appropriate equipment: Grab bars, Stairlifts, Ramps & more. Our Technicians perform the modifications to safely maximize mobility

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Northwestern Mutual-Bruce Mozinski

Life Insurance 1400 Computer Drive Ste 200, Westborough, Massachusetts, 01581

Bruce M. Mozinski, CFP, CLU, ChFC, RICPA wealth management advisor for Northwestern Mutual Wealth Management Company, an agent for Northwestern Mutual Life & Northwestern Long Term Care Insurance Companies and an investment advisory/registered representative of Northwestern Mutual Investor Services. His primary planning focus is with people approaching retirement, transitioning to retirement and living in retirement.

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Mary Ann Morse Outpatient Rehabilitation

Fall Prevention Specialists 45 Union St, Natick, Massachusetts, 01760

Mary Ann Morse Healthcare Center in Natick is an award-winning, non-profit provider of short-term rehabilitation, long-term skilled nursing care, and memory care. Our Outpatient Rehabilitation Center for seniors is the latest addition to our growing continuum of senior living and healthcare in Metro West offering physical therapy, occupational therapy, and speech therapy to help return seniors to their highest levels of functioning, strength, and independence after surgery, illness, or injury. Our Outpatient Rehab center accepts Medicare and private pay.

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Articles Written By Local Businesses


In Massachusetts, as mandated by the Federal government, if you die with a probate estate (assets in your own name), and have received MassHealth benefits at any time after age 55, or at any time during your life if you end up in a nursing home, MassHealth can recover the benefits paid from your estate. Two recent developments and a proposed law are important to know. In the last few years, the use of Senior Care Option and PACE programs, which provide complete health care to elders in need, began expanding. While these can be great programs, what wasnt known is that MassHealth, who pays premiums to private companies that provide these programs, will seek estate recovery for these premiums (as much as $3000 per month), after the death of the MassHealth recipient. This could mean a substantial lien against the home or other assets of a MassHealth recipient. Once this became clear, Elder Law attorneys went to Court and obtained a ruling that MassHealth can only collect these premiums if they give Notice to beneficiaries in advance. You may have received such a notice if you are receiving or have received MassHealth benefits. At the same time as this was going on, Elder Law attorneys and advocates put a bill together and filed it with the Massachusetts legislature to make changes to Estate Recovery laws to make it fairer and limit Estate Recovery to only those things the Federal government mandates. This bill is pending. As a result of both advocacy and the filing of the Estate Recovery bill, MassHealth made revisions to their own regulations this last fall. These revisions expand exemptions to avoid Estate Recovery (no estate under $25,000 is subject to Estate Recovery, Caretakers), and deferments to collection of Estate Recovery (spouses, deaf and disabled children). If you or a loved one need or are receiving MassHealth benefits, you may want to consult an Elder Law Attorney to see how these changes in Estate Recovery may affect you.   This article was submitted by Estate and Elderlaw Attorney Timothy R. Loff, Esq. of the Law Offices of Timothy R. Loff, Newton, 617-332-7021 or 

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Wheelchair Ramps vs. Vertical Platform Lifts: Which Is Right for Me?

Our MobilityWorks@home experts are often asked, Should I get a wheelchair ramp or a lift for my home? The answer depends on factors such as the users mobility, staircase height and number of floors, to name a few. While our trained technicians can help you choose which type of mobility solution is right for your needs, the overview below discusses a few key benefits and differences that can help guide your decision.Wheelchair RampsWheelchair ramps are designed for your specific space and include pre-assembled ramps, handrails and platforms. They do require some effort to navigate, unlike vertical platform lifts, and as a result, are better suited for scooter and power wheelchair users. They can be configured for almost any site, and are both cost-effective and low maintenance depending on the amount of ramp needed. Because they come pre-assembled, installing a wheelchair ramp is typically a quick and easy process that doesnt require anchoring into concrete footings or pads. Wheelchair ramps sold through MobilityWorks@home have a built-in anti-slip surface and do not rust or warp, making them a durable mobility solution.Wheelchair Ramp BenefitsBest for low-rise environmentsIdeal for scooter or power wheelchair usersEasy installationLow maintenance750-pound weight capacityCost-effectiveVertical Platform LiftsVertical platform lifts resemble an elevator with a platform that can be raised and lowered to transport a user safely to another floor. While they are often seen in businesses, churches, and schools, they are also often used outside residential homes as a porch lift. These lifts are operated mechanically and require little effort from the user, making them an easy-to-use option for almost anyone in need of mobility assistance. They are more effective than wheelchair ramps in high-rise environments involving a large staircase or multiple levels that need to be accessed. Installing a vertical platform lift does require a concrete pad toanchor the equipment, making the installation process more complex than that of a wheelchair ramp.Vertical Platform Lift BenefitsBest for high-rise environmentsEasy to operateSuitable for almost anyone, including manual wheelchair usersWeather-protected controls and switches750-pound weight capacityRequires less space than a wheelchair rampCustomized to Your Specific NeedsThere is no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to accessing your home safely and comfortably. Thats why our MobilityWorks@home technicians are trained to find the wheelchair ramp or lift that fits your home and your needs. Give us a call or contact us today so we can help you stay in the home you love.

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Six Risks to Be Prepared for in Retirement

Long-Term Care Costs and Rising Healthcare Costs Top the ListAs baby boomers approach retirement, many may find themselves in different economic circumstances than what they planned for. Recent economic events have taught us the downside of risk, yet careful planning can help soften the impact. Northwestern Mutual says that your retirement plan can stay on track if you focus on these six key risks.Health Care Risk. Rising medical and prescription drug costs, fewer employer-sponsored retiree benefits and limitations of Medicare are all impacting income and retirement savings. According to, estimated health care costs for a 65-year-old range from $3,000 for someone in excellent health to $10,000 for someone in poor health, including premiums, deductibles and co-pays but not including long-term care, vision or dental expenses.Inflation and Taxes: With inflation reducing purchasing power and taxes impacting liquidation strategies, less money will be available to spend or invest in retirement planning.Longevity Risk: Americans are living longer and the possibility exists that they could outlive their resources. There is a 10 percent chance that a 65-year old male will live to 97 years of age and a 1 percent chance the same male will live to 105 years of age.Legacy Risk: Many Americans want to leave a legacy, making an impact beyond their lifetime by leaving a financial gift to a loved one or a charity. It is necessary to balance this desire with the need to fund an individuals retirement.-More-Six Risks to be Prepared for in Retirement Pg. 2Long-term Care Risk: The cost of care for an unexpected event, or long-term illness not covered by private insurance or Medicare is requiring more Americans to prematurely deplete their assets. A 2009 LIMRA (Life Insurance Marketing and Research Association) survey of pre-retirees and retirees aged 55 to 75 found that health care and long-term care expenses together account for between 12 and 15 percent of retirement expenses, depending on the household income[1].Market Risk: Participating in the stock market can give an individuals retirement savings and income the potential to keep pace with inflation, however, volatility in investment markets can significantly affect retirement income and savings.Article prepared by Northwestern Mutual with the cooperation of Bruce Mozinski. Bruce Mozinski is based in Southborough, MA. To contact Bruce Mozinski, please call (508) 251-7223, e-mail at, or visit[1] Retirement Income Trade-offs, Implications for Product Development, LIMRA, 2009

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Veterans Rehabilitation after illness: Where do I go as a Veteran?

Inpatient RehabilitationFacility vs. Short-term Rehabilitation Facility You have just gone through an illness (stroke, brain injury, amputation, prolonged hospital stay, etc.) now what?  You are not ready to go home, where should you go?  The hospital service isrecommending rehabilitation, but which type and where?  There are two different types of facilities that you reside/stay while you get your rehab: inpatient rehabilitation facility (IRF) and short-term rehabilitation facility.  What is the difference? Inpatient Rehabilitation Facility Short Term rehabilitation -       Hospital level of rehabilitation -       24/7 in-house physician care -       24/7 nursing care -       Intensive therapies: regulated by CMS o   Individualized therapy session o   At least 3 hours/dayx6-7 days a week -       Shorter stay: average stay is 14 days -       Nursing car level of rehabilitation -       Physicians available but not always in-house -       24/7 nursing care -       Less intensive therapies: o   30min-a few hours, a few times a week (this varies among facilities)-       Longer stay: average stay is 20-30 days  Your medical team has determined you qualify for IRF level of rehabilitation.  Where should you go?  VA Boston Healthcare System (BHS) has an accredited IRF just for Veterans, regardless of service connection located at the West Roxbury Campus. Our physicians trained at some of the best rehabilitation medicine facilities in the country.  They are board certified in rehabilitation medicine and brain injury medicine.  Our therapy staff also trained at some of the best facilities in Boston and have advance certifications.  Our nursing staff are caring, loving, and Veteran centered too.  What separates BHS IRF from community IRF?-       We are Veteran centered-       We can provide equipment that other community facilities may not be able to -       A sense of comradery with other Veterans can help with improvement in mood and function -       We understand PTSD and other mood changes and can offer on-site services -       We provided outpatient follow-up after discharge from IRF to assess, manage and treat issues that may interfere with your function and/or quality of lifeHow do I contact BHS IRF?-       Please have your case manager in the hospital call Boston Healthcare System Flow center and request referral to BHS inpatient rehabilitation program: 857-203-3835-      The rehabilitation physician will review your medical record and provide a decision to your medical team            This article was submitted by Dr. XinLi, Medical Director of Inpatient Rehabilitation Facility at West Roxbury VA, Boston Healthcare System. Information Contact:  David Hencke, US Dept of Veterans Affairs, Directors Office, VA Boston Healthcare System  Veterans Outreach Coordinator  O: 857-364-5934; C: 617-275-6101 

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