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Nebraska - East, Iowa - West

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Nebraska - East, Iowa - West

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Jun 09, 2024 08:00 AM - 01:00 PM

Parkinson's Moving Day Omaha

Question, please visit or contact Nida Dada at 913-350-0283 email Ndad@parkinson.orgMoving Day is an inspiring and empowering annual fundraising event that has united more than 150,000 participants around the country living with PD, their care partners and loved ones.Moving Day is more than just a walk. It is a celebration of movement  proven to help manage Parkinsons symptoms.


Jun 09, 2024 09:00 AM - 01:00 PM

Parkinson's Moving Day

For more information -


Apr 02, 2024 10:30 AM - 11:30 AM

Stay Active & Independent for Life

To register for class or for more information, please call 402-453-5656 ext 222

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Local Aging Options

Heritage Ridge

Assisted Living 1502 Fort Crook Road South, Bellevue, Nebraska, 68005

We offer Independent Living, Assisted Living, Memory Care, and Respite Care. Our highly regarded community embraces individuality, encourages independence, and provides the care you need to live the life you want.At Heritage Ridge, youll discover a home and lifestyle in Bellevue, Nebraska, that lets you define living better on your terms.Your family will discover a personalized experience, with a staff dedicated to your loved ones happiness and well-being. Whatever your needs, were here to connect you to the perfect living option.

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Franciscan Adult Day Center

Adult Day Services 900 North 90th Street, Omaha, Nebraska, 68114

The Franciscan Adult Day Center is a ministry of New Cassel Retirement Center. The Center offers daytime support services for adults with functional loss, Alzheimer's, or other aging frailties and provides a viable option for seniors who can no longer be at home alone or are isolated due to disability.

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The Heritage at Fox Run

Memory Care 4802 Council Pointe Road, Council Bluffs, Iowa, 51501

What makes Heritage Communities different?We proudly offer programming for residents living with mild cognitive impairment and dementia, adding purpose and meaning to their lives.Our goal is for residents to be as independent as possible, have a meaningful place in their community, build a positive self-esteem and have opportunities to contribute to their environment.SNAPSHOTSIncorporates thoughtfully designed activities, with hands on assistance, to promote social engagement.Residents with Mild Cognitive Impairment, who continue to live in their selected apartments in Assisted LivingSmall group size limited to 8 -12 participantsStructured activities that are developed based on the preferences and abilities of the residentProvides an opportunity for socialization in a safe and error-free environmentThe program operates with groups 2-3 times/week and additional one-on-onesDaily and monthly documentation is captured, and reviewed with your health services team, Executive Director and Memory Support Director.PORTRAITSA personalized activity guide developed to help residents succeed with everyday activities that are best suited to their abilities, interests and needs.All residents in Memory SupportPromotes independence Creates purpose and value for the residentsProvides leisure and everyday life engagement activitiesCreates an enriched quality of life by showing residents how to be active participants in their own lives, no matter where they are in their disease process.

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The Heritage at Shalimar Gardens

Assisted Living 749 E 29th Street, Fremont, Nebraska, 68025

Your family will discover a personalized experience, with a staff dedicated to your loved ones happiness and well-being. Whatever your needs, were here to connect you to the perfect living option.Our Assisted Living services guarantee 24-hour access to highly trained caregivers who provide assistance with activities of daily living (ADLs), including (but not limited to) bathing, dressing and medication administration.With ADLs discreetly managed, our residents easily enjoy the events of each day with increased confidence. Services in Assisted Living are tailored to ones physical, social, emotional and spiritual needs. Our goal is to help our residents remain as independent as possible for as long as possible with a personalized plan of wellness and care.Apartment style assisted living community, Medicaid waiver accepted after 24 months private pay. 16 room memory support

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Articles Written By Local Businesses

Seven Suggestions for Visiting Someone New to a Memory Loss Community

The transition from home to a memory care community can be challenging not only for the new resident but also for family and friends. Although some individuals adjust very quickly, getting truly comfortable takes time perhaps weeks or even months. During the first few days or weeks following a move to memory care, our staff encourages family and friends to visit as much as they are able. The presence of loved ones can help reassure the resident that they have not been forgotten and will help them accept their new home. However, some friends and family arent sure how to react (what do I do what do I say what do I talk about?). Here are seven suggested activities for visiting with your loved one:Read and write letters. To further assist individuals adjusting to their new home, ask friends or family members to send letters, cards and other correspondence. You can also help your loved one send letters and cards to grandchildren, friends and others.Keep up with current events. Read the local newspaper, a magazine article or talk about current events. Keep the topics lighthearted and positive.Join resident activities. Whether its enjoying a sing-a-long, watching a movie, or going on an outing, join your loved one in experiencing life at the community. We guarantee youll smile.Reminisce about the good old days. Everyone loves stories. Talking about past holidays, fun times growing up, or past experiences can be fun, and can trigger good memories. Just avoid putting someone with memory loss on the spot. Avoid asking, Do you remember? Just tell the story. They may even surprise you and join in!Embrace the silence. Dont feel like you need to talk the entire time. You may even consider bringing things to work on while you visit, such as knitting, or a book to read. You may even know some of their favorite activities and bring something you can enjoy together such as a puzzle, crochet project or their favorite movie.Bring in their favorite treat or meal. Does Aunt Penny love pretzels? Is Grandpa crazy for chocolate chip cookies? Bringing their favorite treat will surely bring a smile to their face and yours!Help decorate their room. Bring their favorite items from home and add to the familiarity of the space. If its close to a holiday, bring decorations to mark the occasion.All are opportunities to create a moment of joy for your friend or loved one and make their day more special. Remember: Agemark staff are here to help. If you need suggestions, want advice, or simply need support, please ask. Were here for you!

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How to Find In-Home Care You Can Trust

Is a loved one having trouble with dressing, bathing or mobility on their own, or are they missing doctors appointments? These arered flagsthat its time to consider in-home care.If in-home care is something you want to explore, you need to find a company you can trust. This certainly takes time and effort. However, it will be well worth it when you have access to experienced and compassionate caregivers who will treat your loved one like family. The caregiver(s) you choose will also meet your loved ones practical needs, whether its with meal preparation, mobility, housekeeping or in a range of other ways.The question is: where do you begin? Heres how to start the process of finding an in-home caregiver:Step 1: Identify Your Loved Ones In-Home Care NeedsBefore you reach out to an in-home care company or individual caregiver, make sure you know what your loved one needs. Are they relatively independent and simply require some help with light housekeeping, meals and companionship? Or do they need more extensive care and support?In addition, if they have health conditions, like dementiaor diabetes, youll want a caregiver who has specific experience with these diseases. Some common activities caregivers assist with include:Bathing and showeringPersonal hygiene and groomingDressingToileting and incontinenceMobilityEatingStep 2: Ask for Referrals for In-Home CareGetting recommendations from friends, family or your loved ones doctor is a great way to find in-home care you can trust. If someone you know has worked with a company or a caregiver who performed exceptionally well, youll know to put them on your list to consider. Likewise, if they had a negative experience, you can keep that in mind during your search.You can also use the federal governments free locator website, Eldercare Locator. Once you have a few options in mind, research them online so you can learn more about their services, experience and reputation.Step 3: Consider an In-Home Care Company Rather Than an IndividualWhen looking for in-home care, you can work with a company who employs professional caregivers. You can also find a caregiver on your own through a staffing agency or online.However, keep in mind, when you work with a company, theyll perform rigorous screening and background checks. Theyll also make sure caregivers are carefully trained and have the right experience to meet your loved ones needs. In addition, if your loved ones condition changes over time, a company will serve as a trusted partner who can help modify and adjust care as needed. You wont have to worry about finding additional or different caregivers with more specialized expertise.Step 4: Ask About Caregiver Screening and ExperienceOnce you are ready to talk with in-home care companies, ask about their screening and hiring process. Youll want to ensure they are performing a thorough background check, including checking driving records, criminal histories and references.Most companies will have a team member schedule an in-home visit at your loved ones home. During that time, youll be able to ask these and other questions, so you can determine if the caregiver can provide the kind of help you are seeking.Some additional questions to ask during this process include:What level of training and experience do your caregivers have?How will you ensure a good match between my loved one and their caregiver?When are they available and what are my scheduling options?What is the price for your services?If possible, make sure your loved one is part of this process. Theyll have their own questions to ask and will feel more comfortable in the long run when theyre involved in the selection of their caregiver.Step 5: Have a Trial Period with Your In-Home CaregiverOnce you have one or more caregivers in place to provide in-home care, consider a trial period. This will help you evaluate whether theyre a good fit for your loved one. It will also allow time to ensure the services being provided are at the right level and frequency.Make sure youre checking in with your loved one regularly to ask how the situation is going and to see if they have any concerns. Once the trial period is over, you can adjust care as needed.

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Tips for Having the Senior Living Conversation with Your Parents

Its a moment many family caregivers eventually face having the conversation with parents about moving to assisted living or memory care. It can be difficult to know how to approach the senior living conversation, what to say, and how to be sure your Mom or Dad knows you are coming from a place of love and care.At Heritage Communities, we are here to listen, support, encourage, and provide information. To begin, weve put together some suggestions that might help you with the senior living conversation.Understanding their emotions is essentialWhile a move to senior living might be the most practical choice, its also an emotional one. As you think about how you will bring up the subject with your loved one, consider some of the common fears that many seniors have about growing older, such as:Loss of independenceFailing health, particularly memoryRunning out of moneyHaving to leave their homeLosing loved onesHaving to depend on othersNot being able to driveBeing isolated and lonelyFalling or becoming incapacitatedTake these fears to heart as your family discusses the future together. Showing empathy and patience will provide comfort that youre on their side, can strengthen your relationship, and even help them warm up to the idea of moving.Having the senior living conversation: what to doSpend some time thinking in advance about what you want to accomplish in the talk. Understand that it may take several conversations over time; dont try to cover everything in one session. Here are some senior living conversation Dos:Make a list. Write down talking points about why it is time to consider senior living to help guide the discussion and to help you remember important questions. For example, have you noticed red flags, such as your parent is isolating or withdrawing, they dont seem to be eating regularly, they may be wandering or becoming lost, there are signs of a fender bender or personal injury (such as bruises from a fall), their home is messy, and so on. If you bring up specifics, do it in the context of your concern for their health and safety, asking them if they could use a helping hand with daily life.Pick a good time. Have the senior living conversation when your loved one is free of distractions or pending appointments so you are not rushed. Be sure they are rested, and not hungry or anxious. You could initially bring up the subject casually, such as on a walk, sitting on a park bench, after a happy family event, or other comfortable setting.Have back-up. Be sure to include other family members when appropriate. You might want to approach your Mom or Dad first, and then bring in another sibling or relative at the next conversation. Just be sure to keep it casual and open, so your parents do not feel pressured in any way.Its also a good idea to consult with a professional such as their physician, a case manager, social worker, lawyer, financial advisor or even a therapist or spiritual leader. Having input from a neutral party, particularly one your loved one trusts and respects, can go a long way in a senior living conversation.Keep it positive. Yes, its a change, but be sure to mention what lies on the other side of the decision: a worry-free lifestyle where they can enjoy a range of amenities and services without having to clean, cook, or take care of a home. Reinforce how much you want to give back to them, in terms of safety and wellbeing, and how knowing they were benefiting from 24-hour support would free all of you to enjoy your relationship (as a son or daughter) more than ever.If you know of someone else who recently went through the experience of a parent successfully moving into senior living, you might bring that up, especially if its someone they know. Describe how they are enjoying life more than ever without worries of home maintenance or isolation.What NOT to do in the senior living conversation:Do not dictate a plan. You want to have an ongoing, honest discussion that includes their thoughts and opinions. Share information with them, include them when you are researching online if it is feasible, and let them accompany you on tours of potential senior living communities.Do not take over and become the parent. Its very important for your Mom or Dad to feel respected and heard. Dont speak to them in a tone that suggests they are giving up control. Reassure them you are their son or daughter, and you want to be sure they are safe, well, and happy.Do not feed the fear. Its important to guide the conversation around your concerns, but in a way that youre collaborating together to help your loved one live their best life, not scaring them into a move.Senior living can help them live betterAll Heritage Communities share a single mission: to create the senior living experience that each person wants and deserves, and to help them remain as independent as possible for as long as possible.Heritage Communities throughout the Midwest and Southwest offer vibrant Independent Living, with Assisted Living, and Memory Care. We invite you to learn more please call us at 712-221-2448.

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The Right Time to Think About Senior Living

The Right Time to Think About Senior LivingCan you envision yourself living in a senior community? If not now, what about in the future? It may be easy to push away such questions for another day. Why Consider It Now? Because the worst time to decide about housing is when a crisis forces you to move. A compulsory move is rarely a positive experience. In a crisis, hasty decisions may result in costly mistakes, both financial and emotional. Its smart to think about where you will live and begin to discover the many options for older adults. Start now while you can choose freely.What If Life Changes? What significant life changes might prompt you to consider a change in living arrangements? Some trigger events happen suddenly, some we expect to happen, and some happen gradually. Such as:You live in an empty nestYou desire to hire out home maintenance tasksYou would prefer to cook lessYour neighborhood has changed and friends and family are no longer nearbyYour health changes, requiring adaptations in your home.Your spouse diesYou reduce or give up drivingDeciding whether and when you might move to a senior living community takes time, research and thought. Youll want a place that works for you today, but also will be suitable in the future.Where to Start?Where would you like to live? Close to home, where you are familiar with local services? Or would you like to relocate closer to relatives or a warmer climate? Whatever you choose, begin exploring housing options. Senior living options include senior independent, assisted living and memory care apartments and skilled nursing care centers. A senior community with a continuum of care offers all options within a single campus. Maintenance-free living comes with a variety of amenities and services such as restaurant-style dining options, community gathering spaces, style salon, library, fitness center, scheduled transportation. Learning about a communitys amenities and services can help you envision the lifestyle you wish.Whatever your preferences, the right time to consider your future home is sooner rather than later. Visit a senior living community in person and ask questions. Your decisions today will shape the kind of life you have tomorrow.This article was submitted by Amy Muller, Housing Advisor for Prairie Gate. Contact Amy 712-823-9145 or

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Local Business Videos

The Brant - An exciting life awaits you

KETV  promo  The Brant is Opening in Fall 2022. Expect more from senior living at The Brant. The retirement lifestyle at The Brant means the advantage of a connection to surrounding communities such as Omaha with plenty more opportunities to live well! Come see what a community built for you looks like.

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First Light Home Care of Omaha

Faye McCoy, owner of FirstLight Home Care Omaha, shares about her business and the spectrum of care her caregivers can provide. She even shares a story about a special client and her dedication to ensure that she had her needs met every step of the way!You can reach Jaye and her team at 402-614-0413 or on the web at

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Parkside Village Senior Living Consultant

Resort Lifestyle Communities is accepting applications for a Sales Consultant who will focus on growing community occupancy and increasing the awareness of our independent living retirement community, all while building trust with prospective residents and their families each step along the way. You will actively contribute as a member of the community leadership team.Schedule, Benefits and Pay:You will work the following schedule: Tuesday through Saturday with flexibility to work other days as needed to achieve the established goals.You can enjoy a delicious free meal during your shift!You will have robust benefits to choose from and receive $575 per month from our company to apply towards any benefit(s) you select, including:Health, Dental, and Vision InsuranceLife InsuranceShort Term and/or Long Term DisabilityHealth Savings Account (HSA), Medical Flexible Spending Account (FSA), and Dependent Care FSA- to apply towards childcare or other dependent careAccident Insurance and Hospital IndemnityMet Law- access to attorneys and legal adviceYou will receive paid holidays and vacation time, as well as a 401(k) with a generous employer match.Responsibilities and Duties:Youll lead the sales strategy to gain maximum occupancy and revenue targets.Youll quickly and diligently respond to inquiries and professional referral partnerships.Youll conduct sales calls, home visits, and community tours with prospective residents.Youll effectively network within the local community.You must live by our Core Values of Respect, Kindness & Compassion, Honesty, and Service Excellence.Qualifications:You are able to effectively close sales with integrity.You have validated sales success, preferably in the local market.You are able to successfully communicate in a positive and credible manner.You have previous work experience in the senior housing industry.You can effectively work independently and within a team environment.You are proficiency in Word, Excel, Outlook, and data entry.If you have a servant heart, a passion for hospitality and are eager to make a difference, complete our on-line application today and you'll hear from us soon!We are Resort Lifestyle Communities, a family-owned company established over twenty years ago. We specialize in providing all-inclusive, independent, resort-style 55-and-over senior living retirement communities all across the nation. Our Home Office is based out of Lincoln, Nebraska and we are rapidly growing and expanding! EOE/ADA#LI-CZ1Pay Range: $55,000 - $65,000 per yearAPPLY HERE

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