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New Jersey - Bergen and Passaic Counties

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Sunrise of Franklin Lakes

Memory Care 728 Franklin Ave, Franklin Lakes, New Jersey, 07417

At Sunrise of Franklin Lakes, residents like you enjoy living in a 4.7-acre green community that mirrors American Colonial style and architecture. Our beautiful residences boast large windows that welcome natural light and showcase the inspiring views of our forested surroundings. Our community is designed to promote your comfort and safety, with your health and well-being in the able hands of our professional caregivers. Our team works by your side to create an ideal plan that caters to your likes, acknowledges your preferences, and meets your needs.

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Sunrise of Paramus

Memory Care 567 Paramus Rd, Paramus, New Jersey, 07652

Sunrise of Paramus is a cozy community filled with the warmest touches of home. Our nurturing and compassionate team members, many who have been with us for years, are the foundation of our program and the heart of our dedication to residents like you. We will partner with you to develop a plan that will be custom-developed and singularly focused on your needs, goals, and preferences. Because realities can change quickly, your plan will also be flexible and scalable. With the plan in hand, youre free to pursue your passions.

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Sunrise of Cresskill

Independent Living 4 Tenakill Park Dr East, Cresskill, New Jersey, 07626

In our sprawling three-level mansion at Sunrise of Cresskill, we offer a full range of senior living options in a highly desirable setting and location. Residents enjoy beautiful foliage-rich viewsoccasionally spotting deer in the woods. Our housekeeping services provide our residents with an enjoyable, chore-free lifestyle, while the 24-hour bistro-style caf and formal dining room offer a variety of menus and homemade meals made from fresh, local ingredients.

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Jewish Home Assisted Living / Kaplen Family Sr Residence

Assisted Living Sr Residence 685 Westwood Ave, River Vale, New Jersey, 07675

The Kaplan Family Senior Residence offers glatt kosher communal dining under the supervision of the Rabbinical Council of Bergen County, on-site Shabbat services, and observance of all Jewish holidays. At the same time, we welcome senior adults of all faiths and provide access to worship services of any religion. We have 107 units, consisting of studios and one- and two-bedroom apartments.

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Articles Written By Local Businesses

7 Tips on How to Protect Yourself from Scam Movers

1. Do Your Research Dont just hire the first mover you come across. Look for online reviews and ratings from past customers. Check with the Better Business Bureau to see if any complaints have been filed against the company. Look for mover associations and certifications that prove the company is legitimate.   2. Get a Written Estimate Always get a written estimate of the total cost before signing a contract. Dont rely on verbal agreements or estimates over the phone. Know exactly what youre paying for, including any additional fees or surcharges. Some scam movers will offer a low quote initially, only to hike up prices later by adding fees not mentioned in the contract. 3. Insurance & Coverage Ask if they carry insurance and find out what type of coverage, they offer in case something is damaged or lost during the move. Legitimate movers will carry insurance that covers damages that occur during transportation. Without it, youll be responsible for the costs of any damage.  4. Review the terms of Service Take your time to review the terms carefully and dont sign it until you understand everything. Read the fine print and ask for clarification on anything you dont understand. Look for the cancellation policy in case you need to change your moving date or cancel entirely. A legitimate mover will make sure you understand everything before you sign.  5. Get their Contact Information Get contact information for the company and their employees in case you need to follow up on anything during or after your move. Make sure to get a working phone number and email address for the company in case anything goes wrong. If you have any questions, contact the company directly rather than relying on a third party. Make sure the company provides accurate addresses to avoid fraudulent activities.  6. Make a List (or Request One) Make sure to make a list of the content in your home, especially your most treasured items. Or get a copy of the inventory list with all items being moved. Dont be afraid to ask for a copy of the list, even if the movers are in a hurry. Make sure the inventory list is detailed and accurate to prevent damage, missing or stolen goods.  7. Never Pay the Full Amount Upfront Legitimate movers wont ask for full payment before the move is complete. Theyll usually only ask for a deposit upfront (a 25% deposit is the standard). Instead, pay the deposit and only pay the full balance after the move is complete, and youve verified that all your items are there and in good condition.  For more information on how to protect your move, read our blog here!  Let WayForth help you with your next move by utilizing our personalized services. These include downsizing, space planning, packing and moving, unpacking, storage and settling into your new home. Contact our moving professionals today at 1.844.WAYFORTH. 

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Tips for Selling Your House Quickly and for More Money

Here are WayForth's 5 tips for selling your house quickly and for more money: Stage Your Home One of the most important steps in selling your house is staging it effectively, but also efficiently. Buyers need to be able to envision themselves living in the house, so take time to declutter, deep clean, and repair any necessary items, but dont go overboard. But at a minimum, focus on decluttering, removing personal and unnecessary items and leaving the home as clean and open as possible. Price it right Setting the right asking price is essential if you want to make a quick sale with minimal time on the market. Working with an experienced realtor who can provide some insight into both current market conditions as well as comparable listings in your area is critical. Take Good Photos In todays digital world, many people will be seeing your property online before they even set foot inside it. Investing in quality photographs that can accurately capture how great your space looks will help attract more buyers and entice them to schedule a viewing appointment faster. Make Repairs (but not renovations) Buyers have high expectations when it comes to buying a home, and many struggle to see past even basic defects, so before listing yours make sure all those minor fixes have been addressed from squeaky door hinges to cracks in drywall to leaky faucets! Leverage Social MediaSocial media is an incredibly powerful tool that can help reach potential buyers matched specifically for your house! Once the listing is complete and your realtor is ready to launch the marketing campaign, be sure to share the listing on your own social media and encourage friends, family and especially neighbors to do the same.  At WayForth, we can help you with almost every step of the process, while also making sure you get settled in with minimal stress wherever you might be going. We can get you started whenever you are ready by doing some basic decluttering and packing. Give us a call at 817-697-4478 or go to our website to learn more! 

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As the population continues to age, the elderly are becoming more and more vulnerable to scam artists. These scams can come in many forms, both legal and illegal, that impact negatively on the vulnerable elderly.Seniors are often the target of these schemes because they are easier to prey on than younger people. By their nature, seniors are more trusting, and in many cases, are unlikely to report fraud to the proper authorities. Even when seniors report these crimes, they are often poor witnesses. Their age and memory make them poor candidates to report needed details to prosecute these individuals.Fraud comes in many forms: identity theft, telemarketing scams, counterfeit drug scams, loan fraud, home improvement fraud, prizes and sweepstake scams, mail fraud, information mining, internet scams, the sale of legal goods and services that are totally unneeded, and lastly, Medicare and Medicaid fraud. One kind of scam involves caretaker theft. Seniors are becoming more and more dependent on care takers, be they family members, or live-in employees. Eventually the senior can become completely dependent on the caretaker and unscrupulous caretakers take advantage of these situations. Children should be ever watchful when in these situations. I have had cases where seniors have given away homes and other very valuable assets to their caretakers. New Jersey has laws to protect seniors in these situations and if you suspect such abuse, please see an experienced elder law attorney immediately.Seniors and their families need to become educated in ways to protect their nest egg and their safety. Most fraud occurs when seniors are alone, childless or have little contact with their children. Seniors can protect themselves by seeking help from trusted relatives and professionals. Many times they resist this help, thinking that they may lose control of their lives. They must be persuaded otherwise. See an attorney to obtain a financial power of attorney, will and living will is a good start. Hiring a geriatric care manager to evaluate the seniors needs can prove invaluable. If you have any desire to discuss these issues further, we will provide you with a free initial consultation.Finally guarding your credit information, being aware of imposters and being a smart consumer are the best things they can do.Editors Note: Michael A. Manna is a Magna Cum Laude graduate of Boston College and a Cum Laude Graduate of Boston College Law School. After working in the tax department of the CPA firm of Peat Marwick Mitchell & Co., Mr. Manna entered the private practice of law in Ridgewood, New Jersey in 1975. Mr. Manna is admitted to practice in New Jersey, New York and Massachusetts and is a member of the bar of the Supreme Court of the United States. He is also a member of the National Academy of Elder Law Attorneys. Over the past thirty years, Mr. Manna has had extensive experience as a lecturer on legal topics for various boards of education and educational institutions. He can be reached at 201-447-2800.

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How to Tell When a Senior Needs Care and Assistance

Sometimes its easy to know when a family member needs care and assistance. For instance, maybe he or she has a major disability or requires additional help following a hospital stay. In other cases, however, it isnt immediately obvious that your senior is in need of help with the activities of daily life.As people who have had to wrestle with our own family decisions, we thought it useful to provide early guidance, so other families might know when a more careful assessment of their seniors needs is required.Below is a list of questions to consider when determining if a loved one is in need of additional care: Pay Attention to How They Look Appearance can be a sign that they are being limited either physically or mentally from completing normal daily tasks. Are they wearing dirty or stained clothing? Have they brushed their teeth? Listen to the Senior Listening to how seniors speak can tell you a lot about their current mental status. Dont assume that old age is causing these problems. Have they forgotten to refill prescriptions or take their medicine? Have they missed doctors appointments? View the Seniors Surroundings Looking at their food and medications can help you determine if they are eating healthy or even worse, taking expired medicine. Do they have fresh and stocked pantry items? Are there piles of unopened bills? Use Your Nose Using your nose as an indicator can help you determine if your family member is bathing properly or participating in otherwise normal activities. Does their living environment possess any unpleasant odors? Are they bathing regularly? If you sense a problem based on the above indictors, you and other family members should waste no time in taking the appropriate next steps. As difficult as the process might be, keep reminding yourself that by being proactive you will not only provide safety for your family member, but will also keep them happy and healthy for years to come. Editors note: This article was submitted by Patricia Preztunik (201-483-8490) and Rich Fracaro (201-773-4900), local owners of BrightStar, a full-service in-home medical and non-medical agency offering caregiving to seniors and disabled adults. They would gladly provide assistance in these matters.

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