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Pennsylvania - South Central

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Dec 01, 2023 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM

Nuts & Bolts of Medicaid - York - December 1

In this complimentary workshop, well give you valuable information in plain language about how you can protect your family from long-term care costs.Youll discover some of the biggest misconceptions about Medicaid, such as:If you need Medicaid, they can take away your home.You have to give assets away to protect them from Medicaid.If you give away your assets, you have to wait 60 months to qualify for Medicaid.Plus, youll also discover:All the must know for successful Medicaid planning.The unforeseen pitfalls to trying to apply for Medicaid.The reasons you should never put assets into your childrens names.Why your current power of attorney may be useless if someone needs to act on your behalf to protect your assets.And much, much more.If you, or a loved one, is worried that they cannot safely remain at home because they need more and more help? Or youve wondered if you will be able to afford care? Maybe youre not in crisis now, but want to get ahead of the game and make sure youve done all you can to protect your family.This workshop is an important introduction to the issues facing families who may need long-term care and do not know if they can afford it.Bellomo & Associates gives you and your family vital information where we address the most critical issues in long-term care planning based on their 13+ years of personal and professional experience.


Nov 30, 2023 06:00 PM - 08:00 PM

3 Secrets to Protecting Your Legacy - York - November 30

Proper estate planning helps your family avoid time in court, maintain control of your assets, avoid family disputes, and minimize delays and costs.In this complimentary workshop, youll gain an understanding of the three different secrets of Estate Planning that you need to be aware of. What to do, and what not to do to protect your assets for your heirs and future generations.And Well answer all the questions you have at the end!Some common questions we get around estate planning:What is Estate Planning?What do you mean by The Three Secrets of Estate Planning?What is probate court and how or why should I avoid it?What are some of the common mistakes made in Estate Planning?What happens if I dont have a plan?Whats the difference between a Will and a Trust?When do I need to update an Estate Plan?Can I do my Estate Planning myself?Bellomo & Associates has years of first-hand experience with helping families and individuals navigate the complexities of Estate Planning. Its important to have a well-informed and well-structured plan to protect not just yourself, but your loved ones and your assets in the event of incapacity of passing.

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Local Aging Options

Willow Valley Communities

Housing - Other Types 600 Willow Valley Square, Lancaster, Pennsylvania, 17602

Located in Lancaster, PA, Willow Valley Communities is recognized as a nationwide leader in innovative senior living that breaks through typical stereotypes. At the forefront are award-winning, stunning homes and apartments in over 100 different floor plans. The meticulously landscaped 210 acre campus is three miles outside of downtown Lancaster. Willow Valley Communities offers inspiring programming and an impressive array of amenities, clubs, restaurants, and events. Willow Valley Communities Type A Lifecare contract provides short- or long-term careif neededwithout an increase to the monthly service fee because of the increased support. Residents live a vibrant Life Lived Forward lifestyle with peace of mind about their financial future. As one of only five communities in the U.S. to score an A from Fitch Ratings, residents can count on Willow Valley Communities financial stability. Residents from nearly 40 U.S. states help make Willow Valley Communities a diverse, engaging, and vibrant community.

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Providence Place Senior Living of Dover (York)

Memory Care 3377 Fox Run Road, Dover, Pennsylvania, 17315

Welcome to Providence Place, a local family-owned senior living company founded in 1998 by former Pennsylvania governor, George M. Leader. Our mission is to enhance the quality of life for our senior residents by delivering vibrant programs and exceptional service at an affordable rate. We offer Independent Living, Assisted Living, and two-levels of Memory Support at each of our seven campuses across Pennsylvania.

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Alzheimer’s Association – Greater PA Chapter

Volunteer Opportunities 2595 Interstate Dr Ste 100, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, 17110

The Alzheimer's Association provides vital services and support to those individuals struggling with the disease, their families and caregivers.The Greater Pennsylvania Chapter serves 59 counties in western, central and northeastern Pennsylvania through our four offices.

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Legend at Silver Creek

Memory Care 425 Lambs Gap Road, Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania, 17050

At Legend at Silver Creek, we offer two types of senior living solutions: personal care and memory care. Residents enjoy services and support tailored to their individual preferences and interests. Here, residents can take advantage of amenities such as a movie theater, on-site salon and spa, a bustling bistro area, and plenty of beautiful outdoor spaces.We purposefully designed Legend at Silver Creek to feel welcoming to residents and families. Every detail was made to enhance independence and encourage socialization with others. For example, thanks to natural, non-glare lighting, low-pile carpet, and intentional color selection, residents live in an environment that reduces fall risk while increasing confidence and independence.

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Articles Written By Local Businesses

U.S. News & World Report Names Providence Place Senior Living Among Best Communities for 2023-2024 in Pennsylvania

U.S. News & World Report Names Providence Place Senior Living Among Best Communities for 2023-2024 in Pennsylvania Multiple communities from Providence Place Senior Living have been recognized by U.S. News & World Report as a 2023-2024 Best in Senior Living. The ratings offer a look at the best senior living communities across the United States, to assist older adults and their loved ones when researching and choosing the right senior living community. For 2023-2024 Best Senior Living, U. S. News rated nearly 4,000 communities natiowide on several criteria, including resident and family members satisfaction with safety, care, community management and staff, value, and other services and amenities provided by the community. Providence Place Senior Livings seven communities participated in a campus-wide survey of residents and family members and topped the annual report in the following: Best Independent Living: Providence Place Senior Living of Dover (York) Best Assisted Living: Providence Place Senior Living at the Collegeville Inn Best Memory Care: Providence Place Senior Living of Chambersburg Best Memory Care: Providence Place Senior Living of PottsvilleThe detailed survey results provided quantitative information as well as feedback and comments from residents and family members. Many family member testimonials were included, like the following: This place has really been an asset to my parents lives. It has transitioned them into this stage of their lives. This has been a great experience for them with many opportunities to get as involved as the would like. They have accommodated my parents through the different stages and medical difficulties. I no longer worry about their safety of them living by themselves and strongly recommend this place to others that are looking for a facility for their family. The organization looks forward to celebrating the Best of honors in 2023 as well as Providence Places 25 years of service to Pennsylvania seniors. About Providence Place Senior Living: Providence Place and The Leader family operates seven (7) communities in central and eastern Pennsylvania and offers Independent Living, Assisted Living and Memory Support Services to about 800 seniors company-wide. Locations in Chambersburg, Collegeville, Dover (York), Drums (Hazleton), Lancaster, Pine Grove and Pottsville. For more information, visit 

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7 Tips on How to Protect Yourself from Scam Movers

1. Do Your Research Dont just hire the first mover you come across. Look for online reviews and ratings from past customers. Check with the Better Business Bureau to see if any complaints have been filed against the company. Look for mover associations and certifications that prove the company is legitimate.   2. Get a Written Estimate Always get a written estimate of the total cost before signing a contract. Dont rely on verbal agreements or estimates over the phone. Know exactly what youre paying for, including any additional fees or surcharges. Some scam movers will offer a low quote initially, only to hike up prices later by adding fees not mentioned in the contract. 3. Insurance & Coverage Ask if they carry insurance and find out what type of coverage, they offer in case something is damaged or lost during the move. Legitimate movers will carry insurance that covers damages that occur during transportation. Without it, youll be responsible for the costs of any damage.  4. Review the terms of Service Take your time to review the terms carefully and dont sign it until you understand everything. Read the fine print and ask for clarification on anything you dont understand. Look for the cancellation policy in case you need to change your moving date or cancel entirely. A legitimate mover will make sure you understand everything before you sign.  5. Get their Contact Information Get contact information for the company and their employees in case you need to follow up on anything during or after your move. Make sure to get a working phone number and email address for the company in case anything goes wrong. If you have any questions, contact the company directly rather than relying on a third party. Make sure the company provides accurate addresses to avoid fraudulent activities.  6. Make a List (or Request One) Make sure to make a list of the content in your home, especially your most treasured items. Or get a copy of the inventory list with all items being moved. Dont be afraid to ask for a copy of the list, even if the movers are in a hurry. Make sure the inventory list is detailed and accurate to prevent damage, missing or stolen goods.  7. Never Pay the Full Amount Upfront Legitimate movers wont ask for full payment before the move is complete. Theyll usually only ask for a deposit upfront (a 25% deposit is the standard). Instead, pay the deposit and only pay the full balance after the move is complete, and youve verified that all your items are there and in good condition.  For more information on how to protect your move, read our blog here!  Let WayForth help you with your next move by utilizing our personalized services. These include downsizing, space planning, packing and moving, unpacking, storage and settling into your new home. Contact our moving professionals today at 1.844.WAYFORTH. 

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What’s Not to Love?

Whats not to love? You may think you know, but peek into my world as a Bellomo employee and lead of the firms Life Care Planning (LCP) program for a moment.An LCP client cant remember how to play 500 Rummy? Amber and Meg spend the morning playing cards with him. The wife of a hospitalized client is distraught because the only nursing home bed is 2 hours away? Sharee alerts Meg, who provides education, emotional support, and advocates with the discharge planner.A clients bride is struggling? Jennah gets a heads up and sends flowers to brighten her day. A clients financial planner needs clarification on next steps? Jeff immediately reaches out to him. A long-time Bellomo client is hospitalized and dying? Two team members visit to love on him and sit with the familyand our whole team grieves.Another LCP client is dying? Meg is at the bedside for hours, hugging on his bride and helping to navigate decisions. The wife isnt sure what to do now that hes died? Michelle calls to ease her worries and begin her probate education. I had lunch with the bride yesterday. We talked about her journey, the tough decisions made along the way, her gratitude to the facility and hospice teams for their exceptional care. Weeks ago, the wife insisted that I thank Jeff for hershe called our team cracker jacks. Yesterday, she talked about how thankful she is to have found our firm, citing above all else, the peace of mind she has knowing that our team is in her life, protecting her.When I returned to the office, a teammate stopped me to ask how she was doingAndi was sincerely interested and relieved to hear that she was doing well. Today I find myself thankful that this mans bride is still going to be in my life, as despite her husband having died, she has signed on for another year of maintenance and another year of LCP for herself and her disabled adult son. You knew that you loved Bellomo & Associates, right?Trust me, the Bellomo employeesyep, all of us cracker jackslove this incredible law firm just as much!

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My Spouse Died, Am I Liable for his/her Debts?

As estate planning and elder law attorneys, we receive this question all of the time. As a general rule of thumb, the answer is no, you are not liable for the debts of another individual. However, there are some exceptions to that general rule, which is why it is essential to seek professional advice when a loved one passes, especially a spouse who had debt in his or her name alone.For example, there are a few situations where a spouse would be liable for the debt of a spouse, and they are a few of the following:1.  If a spouse co-signs on a loan for a spouse, then they also own the debt.2.  If a spouse is a joint account holder of a credit card with their spouse, then they are also liable for the credit card as a joint owner.3.  If a spouse has jointly owned property, and that property has a liability, then the joint owner would as well.These exceptions are obviously pretty clear, which all point to the situation where the spouse is either an owner or co-signed for the debt one way or another.However, in the State of Pennsylvania, there is a doctrine called The Doctrine of Necessities. Essentially, it provides that a spouse is liable to provide for the necessities of their spouse. While this is certainly not a doctrine that is used all the time, it is possible that a spouse could be held liable for their spouses debt that was incurred prior to death if it is deemed to be a necessity and is deemed that the spouse has a duty to support the other spouse.Although this is rare, it is definitely something not to overlook and, again, is why we recommended that you seek legal counsel when a spouse passes away to make sure that everything is taken care of properly and that you dont assume any personal liability for any inadvertent omissions.Please, if you have any questions or concerns about your financial future should your spouse die, contact us at (717) 844-9218 or fill in our contact us form and well get back to you.

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Local Business Videos

16: Trusts and Protecting Your Home

Episode Summary Transferring ownership of your home to your child or children is easy, but thats where the uneasiness often begins. When you give joint or sole ownership of your home to your child or children while you are still alive, you lose some or all control of the asset. Additionally, the home becomes vulnerable to new types of risksome predictable, some unforeseeable. So, before you place the name(s) of your child or children on the deed to your home, Jeff Bellomo would like to teach you about trusts.Key Takeaways  Takeaway 1: When transferring home ownership to an adult child, be sure to consider possible changes to the new owners circumstances 01:00People often think that they can fully protect their family home by giving their child or children joint or sole ownership of the assetTransferring ownership of the home means that your asset is now their assetConsider what could happen if the adult child gets divorced or remarried, incurs liability in a car accident, dies unexpectedly, or needs special health care for themselves or a member of their immediate familyThese unforeseen circumstances, and many others, can put your assets at riskWithout control of the asset, it can be used in ways that were not intended when you transferred ownershipTakeaway 2: Bellomo & Associates workshops are designed to educate so that you understand the implications of your decisions 13.54The workshop team encourages attendees to think in terms of three lands (tax land, long-term care land, and estate planning land)A decision in any one of these lands will have implications in one or both of the other landsSmart decisions rely on understanding these implicationsTakeaway 3: A trust can provide protection for your assets and enable you to retain control of the assets while you are alive 18:32The assets in a trust will pass to your trustee(s) with only a 4% inheritance tax rate for lineal descendants (your children)If your child or children sell the property, there will be no capital gains taxThis trust strategy provides far better protection of your assets than joint ownership or fully relinquishing ownership of a property to your child or childrenLinks and Resources MentionedBellomo & Associates workshops, including Medicaid: more information, call us at (717) 845-5390.   Connect with Bellomo & Associates on Social MediaTwitter: YouTube: Facebook: Instagram:

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Meet Our Experts - Coury Murphy

Come and meet one of the most tenured Medicare experts at MediConnect, Coury Murphy!

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The Inside Connection Podcast (ep. 2) What Makes MediConnect Different?

Ready to go behind the curtains and into the boardrooms of the Medicare insurance industry? MediConnect gives insider access to help our audience quickly access clear information that allows for confident decisions. Medicare Made Simple. Stay with us as we track the government's oversight of Medicare Advantage and their delayed prior authorization processes, and we provide information on yet another scam aimed at the Baby Boomer generation as well as how to avoid falling victim of it. In this podcast, Sean and Lance discuss:  who is MediConnect and what makes them different?  

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Episode 38: A Journey of Friendship, Specialization, and Community Impact with Brian Strong

Brian Strong is an attorney with KBG Injury Law. Jeff and Brian met when Brian sponsored a group of young lawyers, including Jeff, to be admitted to practice before the U.S. Supreme Court. That was nearly 20 years ago. Today, the friends get together to talk about the importance of specialization, the courtroom experience, alternatives to jury trials, and the pride that comes from giving back to your community.

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Director of Sales and Marketing

The Sales and Marketing Director will oversee the internal and external marketing efforts of the community in order to meet or exceed the budgeted census.Why Harmony?401k + Fulltime & Part-time Benefits PackagesEmployee Referral Bonus + Incentives (free meals, movie tickets, dining, automotive deals, retail discounts, finance/legal, consulting, electronics, and more!)Training, Development & Career LadderingGreat work-life balanceFlexible SchedulingTelehealth + Flex Spending + Health Savings Account Options

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Home Health LPN

The VNA of Hanover & Spring Grove is seeking a full-time, day shift Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) to provide nursing care to Home Health patients in their home under the direction of the RN Case Manager. A graduate of an accredited practical nursing program, an active PA LPN license, and a minimum of one-year of general work experience in nursing is required. Ability to work in a home health setting and reliable transportation are also required. Must be able to participate in the weekend rotation. 

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