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More Than Just Talk: Speech Therapy

Denver, CO
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Most people know that speech therapy helps people talk better. However, the field has grown and now encompasses much more. Speech-language pathologists (SLPs) are trained in how to diagnose and treat swallowing problems, as the anatomy for speaking is largely the same as for swallowing. Issues can range from having trouble chewing to having food or liquid go into the airway. If that happens, the risks include choking or developing life-threatening pneumonia. 

Cognitive issues can involve difficulty with concentration, memory, and higher-level reasoning. Trouble in these areas can affect the ability to manage appointments, medications, finances and more. Losing these skills can jeopardize the ability to live independently. SLPs work on these skills because they are trained in how different parts of the brain function, and correct treatment depends on determining if symptoms are due to a language or cognitive impairment. If you or a loved one are having trouble in these areas, please contact an SLP to see what can be done to improve safety and quality of life.

Editor’s Note: This article was submitted by Diane Roberts, MA, CCC-SLP  of Expert Speech & Swallow Therapy. She may be reached at 720-545-2045 or by email at


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