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I'm Amanda Barton your local Publisher. Please let me know how I can help you. We are Sarasota, Manatee, and Charlotte Counties most comprehensive and reliable source to find and compare Senior Housing such as Retirement Communities, Assisted Living, Memory Care, and Skilled Nursing. Health at Home options like Home Health Care, Non-Medical Home Care, Hospice and Senior Resources, and Activities and Entertainment. Whether you are looking for resources, looking to promote your business, or just want to know what's happening around town, the Seniors Blue Book website is your go-to! Our healthcare system is difficult to navigate, throw in insurance and legal issues on top, and then manage it all in a crisis… no one should have to do it alone. Let me help you. Call 941-351-3630 or email me today!  Thank you for using Seniors Blue Book, enjoy!

Florida - Sarasota, Manatee, Charlotte Counties

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Florida - Sarasota, Manatee, Charlotte Counties

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Dec 13, 2023 02:00 PM - 03:00 PM

Fall Risk Reduction

Statistics, fear of falling, intrinsic risk factors, environmental safety, and interventions of PT/OT.  Presented by FOX REHAB


Dec 13, 2023 07:00 PM - 09:00 PM

Comedy Night Fundraiser

World of Chucko is a 501c3 organization that inspires, engages and entertains seniors in the Sarasota and Bradenton area.  Chucko, is now a retired professional circus clown having entertained audiences for 40 years with the Ringling Circus.   The World of Chucko is committed to enhancing the quality of life for children of all ages, sharing history, mystery, magic, music, mirth and love.  Improving the qualtiy of life one smile at a time.  McCurdy's Comedy Club is generously donating the ticket sale proceeds from this night of comedy to contribute to senior smiles in our community..  Come laugh your way to supporting World of Chucko and spreading the smiles with comic headliner Devin Siebold on December 13, 2023.  Tickets are $25 and can be purchased directly from https://www.mccurdyscomedy.com.   Please be sure to mention World of Chucko so that the support can be directed appropriately. 

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Truewood by Merrill, Charlotte Center

Memory Care 18400 Cochran Blvd., Port Charlotte, Florida, 33948

DISCOVER A WELCOMING SENIOR LIVING COMMUNITY IN CHARLOTTE COUNTY - WE KNOW YOU'RE GOING TO LOVE IT HERE. Our community is designed to meet your individual needs and give you the freedom to be yourself. We offer the best in assisted living and memory care from a family-owned company that knows connection is everything.  Choose from a variety of floor plans and enjoy scheduled transportation, 24-hour staffing, and weekly housekeeping.  Our dining program keeps up with your schedule, providing fresh and healthy meals prepared by our culinary team.  You'll live a full and happy life built around your delights and hobbies.

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United Healthcare- Anthony Harris

Medicare Insurance 1058 North Tamiami Trail, Sarasota, Florida, 34236

Im here to personally help you find the UnitedHealthcare plan that is the best fit for you. I know the local area and know the plans that are available to you very well. I would be happy to talk with you in person or by phone. We can look at your needs, explore your choices and decide on a plan with confidence. I look forward to serving you.

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United Healthcare- Glenn Quinn

Medicare Insurance 5208 65th Terrace East, Ellenton, Florida, 34222

Im here to personally help you find the UnitedHealthcare plan that is the best fit for you. I know the local area and know the plans that are available to you very well. I would be happy to talk with you in person or by phone. We can look at your needs, explore your choices and decide on a plan with confidence. I look forward to serving you.About MeResident of EllentonGraduate of Howard UniversityCurrently serving more than 600 UnitedHealthcare membersLicensed In: AL, AR, FL, GA, IA, LA, MI, MS, NC, OH, PA, TX, WVMilitary ServiceUnited States Navy VeteranCommunity InvolvementMeals on WheelsBethlehem Baptist Church

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Truewood By Merrill, Bradenton

Memory Care 3409 26th St. W., Bradenton, Florida, 34205

DISCOVER A WELCOMING SENIOR LIVING COMMUNITY IN BRADENTON - WE KNOW YOU'RE GOING TO LOVE IT HERE. Our community is designed to meet your individual needs and give you the freedom to be yourself. We offer the best in independent living, assisted living and memory care from a family-owned company that knows connection is everything. Choose from a variety of floor plans and enjoy scheduled transportation, 24-hour staffing and weekly housekeeping. Our dining program keeps up with your schedule, providing fresh and healthy meals prepared by our culinary team. You'll live a full and happy life built around your delights and hobbies.

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Articles Written By Local Businesses

Tips For Reducing Snoring And Improving Your Sleep Quality

For more information on the author, Aston Gardens at Pelican Pointe, CLICK HERE!Many of us have snored in our sleep at least once in our lives. Generally, it is not something to be concerned about unless it is very severe and difficult to manage. If you snore often, you disturb your quality of sleep and of those who sleep around you. There are some ways for you to get better sleep every night. Read on to learn more about how to manage snoring and improve your sleep quality!What Is Snoring?In simple terms, snoring is just noisy breathing while you are sleeping. This happens when the movement of air leads the relaxed tissues to vibrate loudly in your throat. Because of this vibration, your throat produces hoarse sounds. Snoring is common for many people but it usually gets worse as you age. This is due to various reasons such as fatigue during old age. Your partner, family member, or roommate can become unhappy when their roommate or bedmate snores. People might even choose to sleep in separate rooms. So, it is normal to want to stop snoring.Watch Your WeightIt is possible that snoring is due to gaining weight, especially around the neck. So, you would want to watch your weight and try losing weight to see if it makes a difference.Avoid AlcoholAlcohol and other sedative medications can affect the muscles which are located at the back of your throat. They might be the promoter and cause of snoring. Avoid drinking alcohol before going to bed.Change Your Sleeping PositionSleeping on your back is a position that might lead to your airway becoming obstructed. It can be helpful to try switching to a different position when you sleep.Sleep With Your Head ElevatedSleeping with your head elevated can help to reduce snoring. The whole mattress will have to be raised rather than just adding another pillow.Change Your PillowsDust mites might start to accumulate in your pillows over time, leading to allergic reactions that cause snoring. Allowing pets to sleep on the bed can be another cause as they bring about irritants. Do remember to air fluff your pillows twice a week and replace them once every six months to minimize the allergens and dust mites. Keep your pets out of your bedroom too.Stay HydratedWater is also another answer to your problem. Women need about 11 cups of water and men need 16 cups of water. Do remember to stay hydrated before you go to bed.

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How can I prepare for medical or long-term care?

Before you can address these costs, it's important to understand what Medicare and other insurance cover.We can help you do just that so you can make the decisions that are right for you. In general, youll have two types of medical expenses when you retire: traditional and long-term.Traditional medical expensesMedicare is designed to cover traditional expenses, such as doctors visits, prescriptions, in-hospital expenses and wellness exams. However, you'll still need to budget $4,000 to $6,000 a year to cover out-of-pocket costs Medicare doesn't pick up including premiums and deductibles as well as any supplemental insurance.Below is a quick overview of Medicare Parts A and B costs and coverage.Standard Medical Components*Source: Medicare, Kaiser Family Foundation, Edward Jones estimates.Medicare doesn't cover most long-term care costsOf all the expenses Medicare doesn't cover, long-term care is potentially the biggest. This type of care includes nursing homes, assisted living, in-home health care and adult day care. Costs vary according to the type and amount of care, but the price tag can add up: Using an average nursing home stay of 2.5 years, you'd need more than $200,000 in todays dollars to cover this cost and that doesn't include the effects of inflation.You can pay for long-term care by adding these costs to your budget or insuring against them. If you decide to pay for them out of pocket, your Edward Jones financial advisor can look at your entire financial picture and help you determine if your portfolio can withstand this potential cost.Another option is to purchase some form of long-term care insurance. The policies and costs can vary dramatically, however, based on your age, health and gender, as well as the amount of coverage you desire.Your Edward Jones financial advisor can help you evaluate the following:Amount of coverageLook for a policy that offers the highest amount of long-term care coverage relative to other options, assuming the same premium.Potential for rising premiumsInsurance companies can raise their premiums even after you've purchased a policy. Make sure you read the fine print. Your Edward Jones financial advisor will work with you to make sure you understand all of this.Benefit of insurance vs. the risk of not needing itAs with any insurance policy, there's always the possibility that you'll pay for coverage you'll never use. But given the large potential costs of a long-term care stay, its important to weigh the cost of insurance with the risk of needing care and not having coverage to pay for it.Health care costs are important, but they are also just one of many factors to consider when you look at your retirement picture. That's where your Edward Jones financial advisor comes in. By getting to know you and your whole financial picture, he or she can work with you on a personalized strategy to fit your needs.Written & Submitted By: Edward Jones- click for more information*

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Tips for Selling Your House Quickly and for More Money

Here are WayForth's 5 tips for selling your house quickly and for more money: Stage Your Home One of the most important steps in selling your house is staging it effectively, but also efficiently. Buyers need to be able to envision themselves living in the house, so take time to declutter, deep clean, and repair any necessary items, but dont go overboard. But at a minimum, focus on decluttering, removing personal and unnecessary items and leaving the home as clean and open as possible. Price it right Setting the right asking price is essential if you want to make a quick sale with minimal time on the market. Working with an experienced realtor who can provide some insight into both current market conditions as well as comparable listings in your area is critical. Take Good Photos In todays digital world, many people will be seeing your property online before they even set foot inside it. Investing in quality photographs that can accurately capture how great your space looks will help attract more buyers and entice them to schedule a viewing appointment faster. Make Repairs (but not renovations) Buyers have high expectations when it comes to buying a home, and many struggle to see past even basic defects, so before listing yours make sure all those minor fixes have been addressed from squeaky door hinges to cracks in drywall to leaky faucets! Leverage Social MediaSocial media is an incredibly powerful tool that can help reach potential buyers matched specifically for your house! Once the listing is complete and your realtor is ready to launch the marketing campaign, be sure to share the listing on your own social media and encourage friends, family and especially neighbors to do the same.  At WayForth, we can help you with almost every step of the process, while also making sure you get settled in with minimal stress wherever you might be going. We can get you started whenever you are ready by doing some basic decluttering and packing. Give us a call at 817-697-4478 or go to our website to learn more! 

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Celebrating Mother’s Day with an Aging Mom

Mothers are often the heart of their family by providing the daily nurturing and compassion that is required to raise happy and healthy children. We observe and honor mothers by celebrating them on Mothers Day. Although the celebrations of today looks very different from how Mothers Day originally started, its still a day dedicated to showering mom with cards, flowers, brunches, and appreciation. In 2020, many of us had to alter the ways in which we traditionally celebrated, however with vaccination efforts underway and the CDC guidance on what fully vaccinated people can do, the hope is that this year will look much different from last.If your mom is homebound due to frailty or advanced health conditions, celebrating a holiday like Mothers Day can seem difficult, but there are still many ways to celebrate and engage with your loved one.The Gift of TimeThe greatest gift you can give someone is your time, especially for seniors. Spending time with your loved one playing a game, having a cup of coffee, or simply sitting outside is worth more than any gift. We know that many seniors face social isolation, and the levels of loneliness has escalated over the past year.Comfort CreaturesIf you want to give a gift, think about a comfort gift like warm socks, a blanket, or a potted plant. Many homebound individuals spend a lot of time indoors and by themselves. Providing them a gift that they can use everyday will provide them a feeling of relief when they are alone and give them something to help remember you by throughout the year.Fun ActivitiesRemember the things that your mother enjoys doing but might not be able to do anymore on her own. Maybe its watching her favorite movies, baking, or playing golf. Engage with her by offering to do this favorite activity with her on Mothers Day. HomeWell offers a Life Enrichment and Activities Program (LEAP) that focuses on providing everyday engagement. Enrichment activities often help our clients feel like their old selves again. It can be rejuvenating to take part in hobbies or learn new things.Bring the Festivities HomeIf mobility issues are a problem for your mom, considering bringing some of the tried-and-true Mothers Day activities to her. Spa days are extremely popular for moms. You can find tools for manicures and pedicures at any drugstore. Offer to do her nails or set her hair for her. Enjoying a leisurely brunch with mimosas and waffles is also very popular. Depending on your moms diet, set up your own brunch for her to enjoy. Many restaurants offer take out as an option, so you dont have to do the cooking all on your own!Getting OutsideDepending on your moms limitations, consider spending sometime outdoors. In many places of the country, the weather around Mothers Day is beautiful. This can mean sitting on the front porch enjoying tea and cookies or going for a short walk. During the pandemic, being outdoors with friends and family was the safest way to enjoy each others company but being outdoors can also be healing and beneficial to our overall wellbeing.No matter how you choose to celebrate this year, Mothers Day is a day to pay homage to the woman who raised you while sacrificing her own needs. Take heart that your mom will find joy in feeling appreciated and loved.

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Local Business Videos

Mastering Intuitive Thinking

https://deniseschonwald.comHello! Im Denise Schonwald. Im a Nationally Licensed Spiritually-based Mental Health Counselor and a Registered Nurse. Id like to talk to you about one of the coaching packages that I offer called Mastering Intuitive Thinking. What we know with the way that we communicate with each other certainly through words or body language. But the body actually has another way of communicating through energy and it will offer us little subtleties that are very important for us to understand and recognize. This can be very helpful for the business professional with conflict resolution, negotiations, working with employees or other business owners. It can also be important as we work or as we meet and relate to our spouse, to our children, to family members, and friends. I would like to talk to you a little bit more about this program. Please give me a call at 410-913-8963 or visit my website at DeniseSchonwald.com and book a free 30-minute consultation. I look forward to hearing from you. -----I am a practicing licensed spiritually based mental health counselor and mental intuitive and have been a registered nurse for over 30 years. I work with children ages 4 and older, couples, families and adults. I am in private practice and have early morning and evening appointments available. I treat many disorders including anxiety, depression, panic, grief, behavioral issues, trauma, marital and family issues. I offer a comfortable quiet environment and have the flexibility of changing my schedule to accommodate urgent needs of my patients. If you are looking for counseling services in Sarasota or Manatee County, please do not hesitate to contact me.Phone: (941) 541-1250Sarasota, Bradenton and Lakewood Ranch Florida

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Town Square, Grand Opening

Town Square is a 1950's themed Senior Day Care Center, staffed by dementia-trained care staff, that provides meaningful programming for those struggling with memory issues, while providing a critical respite for family and caregivers Mon-Fri 8:30am-4:30pmVeterans, please inquire about our VA contract!

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Partner Spotlight: HomeWell Care Services

HomeWell Care Services is known across Florida and beyond for providing in-home care that focuses on safety, comfort, and companionship. We have a team of Personal Assistants who are genuinely passionate about being there to help Venice seniors keep their independence and dignity as they age. If your elderly loved one cannot stand the idea of being in an assisted living center, or if you do not have the resources to move them into your own home, call HomeWell Care Services at (941) 303-5642 to see how our Venice senior care services can help.

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Best Ways to Pay for Senior Living & Live Worry Free - #5: Veterans Benefits

The cost of senior living in Florida may be more affordable than you expect. Our expert senior advisors will teach you insider secrets and strategies to pay for senior living and live the stress-free life you've been dreaming of. In this video, we discuss another way to pay for senior living: Veterans Benefits. For more ways to pay for assisted living, watch the rest of our series and download our FREE e-book "8 Ways to Pay for Assisted Living & Memory Care" - https://bit.ly/8WaysToPay If you're looking for senior living options or in-home care, contact us! We help seniors get the care they deserve to start enjoying their golden years. Call us: (800) 969-7176 Email us: info@floridaseniorconsulting.com Website: https://floridaseniorconsulting.com/

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Sales Counselor

ResponsibilitiesUnder supervision from Director of Sales and Marketing, receives walk-in/call-in visitors and uses software systems to identify and contact leads. Effectively explains and demonstrates to prospective residents and their families the benefits of residing and receiving care at the community. Communicates sales and contractual information and closes contract sales to maintain and improve occupancy levels. Solicits assistance of community associates to promote and explain community services, practices, policies, pricing, and other information necessary to close the sale.1. Routinely reviews software databases to identify and follow-up on leads from all sources. Calls a lead and obtains additional information on personal residential and care needs. Effectively works with prospective residents and families to secure apartment homes. Maintains long term contact with prospects utilizing soft touches, calls, home visits, etc. to encourage continued familiarity. Encourages and promotes visits and tours of community(s). Meets established goals regarding contacts and tours to achieve/exceed monthly sales goals. Enters updated prospective resident information and status of relationship into the lead management system daily.2. Maintains positive and understanding relationships with current residents and their family. Encourages their positive promotion of community to friends, acquaintances, and family. Identifies religious, civic, and social groups to which current residents belong to expand referral network. Cultivate leads with current residents through positive interaction and interest in activities and concerns. Follows-up with resident referrals as identified. Explains and promotes the Resident Referral Program to current residents.3. Conducts weekly outreach visits to referral sources to obtain and increase community referrals.4. Assists in identifying innovative events and methods to increase visitation of targeted groups. Assists in planning, sponsoring, organizing, and executing special events to inform and attract referrals and prospects to visit community. Presents and demonstrates the value and benefits of the community for its residents as appropriate to stimulate interest and sales.5. Obtains and maintains knowledge of competitors. Communicates community features to best compete with competitors strengths and weaknesses. May visit competitors communities to understand how to best refer and market services and products.6. Conducts personal tours of communities for prospective residents and family. Utilizes Atlas Sales Training to develop top 3 needs to push sale forward. Schedules meetings with staff department heads as requested or as deemed necessary to effectively convince potential residents of abilities to meet their residential and care needs. Understands needs of potential residents to highlight community features that will satisfy them.7. Explains fee structure in a manner that will be most meaningful and that will clearly reflect the benefits and value of prospective residents choices. Explains the physical and financial assessment processes to prospects.8. Closes contractual arrangements. Communicates availability of apartment homes and status of waiting lists. Obtains necessary personal information and prepares standard, legal documents required for signature and coordinates lease signing with Executive Director.9. Turns over completed sale to Move-In Coordinator to coordinate needs relating to logistics of new resident moves including such things as obtaining all pertinent move-in paperwork, transference of keys, furniture move-in coordination, unit preparation, new resident orientation and welcoming, etc. Maintains continued contact to reflect concern and interest for their continued wellbeing and satisfaction after relocation to the community.10. May provide input regarding the development of promotional brochures, videos and mailings as used in networking referrals and marketing to prospective residents.11. Prepares written reports and communicates status of current success in a clear and concise manner.This job description represents an overview of the responsibilities for the above referenced position. It is not intended to represent a comprehensive list of responsibilities. An associate should perform all duties as assigned by his/her supervisor.QualificationsExperience Minimum of three years of progressive experience in the real estate, hospitality or health care field including experience in such areas as promotion, public relations, or admissions, including a minimum of two years with a proven sales or promotion track record. Prior experience selling or promoting senior residential and health care services is highly preferred.Certifications, Licenses, and Other Special Requirements Reliable car transportation with insurance, plus a valid drivers license.Management/Decision Making Applies existing guidelines and procedures to make varied decisions within a department. Uses sound judgment and experience to solve moderately complex problems based on precedent, example, reasonableness or a combination of these.Knowledge and Skills Possesses extensive knowledge of a distinct skill or function and a thorough understanding of the organization and work environment. Has working knowledge of a functional discipline. Has knowledge of residential, psychological, social and health care needs of seniors. Knowledge of competing organizations strengths and weaknesses and ability to maintain this information to maximize sales and occupancy potential. Ability to assist with the development of marketing strategies to compete within the local market. Ability to successfully persuade potential residents and families to make deposits and ultimately move to community. Ability to relate positively with networking sources and provide solutions to perceived needs for their referrals. Ability to explain complex alternative contractual arrangements in a clear, concise and patient manner to prospective residents to best convey the benefits to be gained by their choice. Flexibility to adjust hours of work to the needs of potential residents and referral sources. Ability to develop work schedules, work independently and manage multiple projects simultaneously. Ability to handle multiple interruptions to schedules to meet the needs of potential residents and families. Knowledge of marketing software and the ability to accurately and efficiently maintain lists, reports etc. for effective follow-up use by self and others. Ability to effectively communicate promotional and sales needs and information to internal marketing and support staff. Willingness to follow up with potential referral sources and assist with specific leads as requested. Ability to work effectively with team members in a positive and energetic manner.This job description represents an overview of the responsibilities for the above referenced position. It is not intended to represent a comprehensive list of responsibilities.

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Memory Care Sales Director

Please contact Jan for more information, or to apply:Jan HouckSales DirectorThe Windsor of Lakewood Ranchjan.houck@legendseniorliving.comPhone: 941-907-9177Mobile: 407-592-3774

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Senior Fitness Instructor

Looking to hire more Senior Instructors for classes at the YMCA, specifically for Yoga, Chair Yoga, Dance, tai Chi, Stretching and Active Living. 

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